Thursday, February 11, 2010

projects and purchases

First off, I finally had an okay day at my new job last night. I was allowed to train on the register because the predicted snow storm was keeping most people away from shopping. I was also giving the 'helmsing' duty for an hour...I walk around the store helping customers and telling the other people putting product out what needs to be done. A strange job for someone only on their 5th shift. Their weren't many customers to help, and the slow day made for a fairly clean store and not much to report. I was also, apparently, given a task that was deemed a 'surprise' to one of my co-workers: pulling product. Look at a pile of boxes, see what needs to be put out, put product out. Yeah...advanced stuff, indeed. I guess once I'm there awhile, people will stop treating me like a newborn. I've said it before, I'm sure: it's a grocery store...not f*ing brain surgery!

I found a cute hat on etsy last week and have been thinking about it since. And then the proprietors contacted me about some book pages (long story...). And then I looked at the hat again, and decided that it really would look cute on me and for $9 I would be silly not to buy it.
So I did: I blocked out her face, though now it seems silly since she had posted it on etsy already...whatever. Isn't it adorable, though!!?

And I started my basement project yesterday morning before work. It turns out to be a bit more labor intensive than I had originally anticipated. I was just going to sand the walls smooth, then paint. But once I got the sander and started the job, I found that the wall is not just textured but also 'pitted'. Sanding will make it smoother and fix the patch job a bit, but it won't fill in the millions of speckly holes. So, the new plan is to get some spackle or something to fill in the holes, then sand, then paint. Which means, my 'zero dollar fix up' will now be the cost of a bucket of spackle. At least it's basically just the one small wall. And, 'yes', that is what we've been living with for almost 6 years! You can guess how often we are 'hanging out' in the basement!
I have some pictures I took of the improvements we've done to the bath and kitchen, but I have to find and scan the old ones for comparison...that may never actually happen.

And lastly, I have this ridiculous picture of my Moxie. She, for whatever reason, fell asleep while refusing to lay her head down. It's just short of sleeping while standing!


  1. sorry...i forgot to spellcheck this one!

  2. The job actually sounds fun and not at all like you're working with a bunch of jerks. So, that's good. *^_^*
    Doesn't spackle come in pint sizes, too?
    Heehee! Moxie's a lil nugget! So cute.

  3. That hat is so adorable. It looks like one I was admiring in a 58 Vogue, lucky girl. Cute dog too, I like how she is all wrinkly and settled into her folds.