Thursday, February 4, 2010


I try to keep my blog somewhat light-hearted. The occasional personal 'oh, whoa is me' post is the exception. And I try not to get too personal or political or opinionated.
But today, I was scanning the TV channels (I've been in bed all day -sick- and wanted to ease myself back into the world of the living) when I saw Tyra Banks was having a show about how people can be judgemental. I could only watch enough to see these four 20-30 somethings saying they thought a woman with a blue wig, short 'baby doll' dress, Betty Paige tee-shirt, and tall lace up black patent leather boots was a 'devil worshiper', dominatrix, and would probably get their kids hook on drugs if they should be left alone with her. Now I admit to that initial fear of some youths who are covered in their black hoodies, exposing just enough skin for you to know they are all tattooed. But until I actually spoke with someone, or saw them doing something terrible, I would try not to judge them. And if I did, and I was wrong, I would apologize profusely.
But these people just kept saying she should be in the circus. And that she should not have children (which she does). And they kept harping on her blue hair. And maybe she should 'take up painting' if she wants to express herself (she said she is a writer). Why can she not wear a blue wig if this makes her happy? How does blue hair have anything to do with anything other than ...well, the color of her hair?!
I couldn't watch any more. I understand that it is hard not to judge at first sight, but we are at a place in time where people express themselves in many ways. And your way of dressing or wearing your hair can be just as plausible a way of expressing yourself artistically as if you were to just draw a picture of it.
I'm basically just writing this post to get out my frustrations.
What makes a judgemental girls pointy-toed, stiletto slouch boots okay, but she is against another for wearing a bulkier black pair of boots? Because big black boots are 'so 1990' and we're back to the slouchy '80's styles?
There is enough judgement in the 'work-a-day' world, why can't we let loose and express ourselves on our own time?
Had I a blue wig, I would wear it right now!


  1. So, true. That is why when I am wearing my vintage clothes and people stare or some such I always think, really? Does it matter? I mean at least the girl in the blue hair was trying to express herself through her clothes and not just being a "clothing robot" or an Old Navy mannequin, right?

  2. Besides, you have two sisters who express themselves in this fashion. Well, sorta. One did just this in her high school years, while the other dresses up in costumes still (and is pulling the other back in!) It is so sad that society can't just let people make themselves up if that's what makes them feel good about themselves or even just gets them out of the house!
    I hope you're feeling better! *^_^*

  3. Exactly! it's personal expression that makes people interesting and unique. Clothing is the easiest's not like a person can carry around art supplies so they can stop in the middle of the street and whip out a painting to express themselves!!

  4. And if they did, I'm certain many people would shout obscenities or that they were in the way and they should watch where they are going! Though, how droll to see someone do this! *~_^*