Friday, December 2, 2011

don't bother reading this

I just wrote a huge post that got so far off track that I scrapped the whole thing!  Sitting here thinking about an old song I remembered from a tape I had when I was 14, ended with some rant about sex in movies!!  Oh, my!  What I learned from that...I'm getting old!! :)
Some things I'll take from that and pass on to you:
1. If you watched the Muppet Show, growing up, go see the movie!
2. If you lend out your music, be sure to get it may want to listen to it again, even 24 years later!
3. You can find just about anything on Wikipedia
4. Memories are fabulous!  Even things you thought you forgot can somehow turn up in the darkest corners. 
5. Memories of when you were 14 may not give you the same feelings you thought they are not the same person you were when you were 14!
6. It's good to hold onto your memories, but even better to not be the same person you were at 14.  Getting old sucks, but growing up is kind of fun!

There's not really any point to this post...sorry.


  1. Great post! (Even if you feel there wasn't a wouldn't have posted something if there wasn't even the tiniest shred of importance to you.) All valid points. Make I make a couple?
    ~I have some of yours, Dan's and Donna's cassettes. (Breakfast Club, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac) Shall I bring them out for the party on Friday? I also have Steph's Frente! tape.
    ~What did you find on Wiki???
    ~I still feel like I did when I was 12. :P

  2. it was kind of a nonsense post.
    i don't think you have the tapes i'm looking for (wire and camper van beethoven) so you don't need to lug them out here...unless you want to. i found a song on wikipedia that i have been searching for for many years. i thought it was on my wire tape, but it turned out to be the other band! all this time!
    i still feel like you're 12, too! :)

  3. ooh was it Ride? Remember them, ahhh rubbing coconut suntan lotion and laying in ur house in the sun in winter dreaming of the coming summer. Good times. I like the memories because I think they hold a kernal of import and joy that is needed in life. To relive those in an adult way with silliness is worth 20 massages or 100 sessions of therapy. The smell of rubber legged minnie mouses fresh with cupcake'wedding cake' frosting. Singing We got the beat and 'you've got me in 5th ur burning rubber like mah love..'in a shag van all of these things I relish and wish we could share adn enjoy in new ways. But, whattya gonna do, right?