Monday, December 12, 2011

In the public's eye

Please forgive my picture-taking abilities for this post.  I know they aren't ever as good as other bloggers (I really need to sit down with the manual and practice with that thing!!), but these were taken after my 3 days of quilling-during-every-spare-moment.  Also, the end came an hour after my normal bedtime when I needed to be up at 3:30 the next morning.  They are very dark and I didn't try at all to make them look nice.  They were mostly for reference, but I was so pleased with the snowflakes themselves that I thought I'd show them off.This is the display my friends at the Underground Bakery have let me put up on their pastry case.  They are so nice to do this, too, with it being the holidays and having their gingerbread houses and other such holiday treats already needed space for display.  They encouraged me to make some for the village stroll (it was yesterday).  I had to be somewhere else, so I couldn't go and so don't know if any sold, but just having them out for people to see is a start.
I really liked the variations of the original 6 or so I made.  It goes much faster when I am not coming up with an entirely new pattern with every snowflake.  Though I would like them to be different, they are all similar, to save time, since I was trying to get as many as possible done. 
Things you MUST have to do this quickly: paper shredder, tiny squeeze bottle of glue, very pointy tweezers, and a good movie or music playing in the background! 
I wasn't quite sure how I was going to package them safely for the bakery, but I found some old cello sleeves from my card making days, and that seemed to work fine.  Added some pretty blue cardstock for support, slapped a label on the back and in the end I had seven of my 'larger' ones (4.5-5'') and 2 of the little ones (about 3'').  
These were a couple of my favorites.
So now I am at the beginning of my 2 week stretch, where I will have no time for anything but work.  That's okay, though, who doesn't need the money this time of year, right!? (Or any time of year, for that matter!)  But I am feeling good about my new hobby and think that I can get some stuff in my shop (after the holidays, unfortunately) and be proud of it.  For now, I am happy to have it in a public place for people to actually see up close and personal and maybe get some feedback.