Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My eggnog is a process.  And it needs at least 3 days to 'cure' before it can be consumed.  I think it has something to do with the mellowing out of the brandy and whiskey; but, also the fact that it's made with a dozen raw eggs.  That alcohol has to 'cook' the eggs.  So, each year, I count back from the day I 'need' it, and plan to make it then.  Well, this year, my plans have been thwarted at every turn, causing me to alter them almost daily.  The extra work this past week was one thing, but throw on top of that a family medical issue and I'm just tearing my hair out! 
I don't deal well with this sort of thing. 
It wasn't busy at work today, so I asked to take the afternoon off.  I will not be able to do anything tomorrow, as I will now be working and then going to the hospital to see my dad.  So, I had to do some of tomorrows stuff today, and the rest on Thursday.  That meant I HAD to make eggnog tonight!
This is serious stuff we're talking about!  Here's the kicker: Hubby asks, 'can you make some for [other friends]?'  Well, I can, but I'll have to make extra and that means I need more stuff.
So after one full batch, I made a extra half batch. 
This is serious business, too!  After separating a dozen eggs, I have to cream the yolks with sugar and add milk and heavy cream; whip the whites very stiff; and, then fold the whites into the rest.  THEN, I add the brandy and whiskey.  The first couple years I made this, I didn't have an electric mixer...I had to whip a dozen egg whites BY HAND!!  It takes much less time these days, for sure!
Once the creamy deliciousness is decanted into whatever bottles I can find (I do keep a few bottles specifically for this time of year), I have to 'shake' the bottles each day for 3 days (at least).  It reduces the volume and I actually end up emptying a couple bottles by the 3rd day.
Usually, I fight with myself over just how much to make.  I have made full batches to be left with way too much after Christmas.  I've made half batches after that, only to wish I had made more.  This year was the first time I've made extra.  It's usually too strong for most people, so I have cut the whiskey a bit...just a bit.
Yes, I did just write a whole post about eggnog.  I just love it so!  I even like looking at this picture!  The way the foamy egg whites separate from the thick and creamy yolk mix, and float to the top! Yummy!!  It's really the reason I feel like I have to make so much...I have to make sure I have some for my own enjoyment Christmas Day!

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