Friday, December 2, 2011

a full day...i like it!

well, a full day by my book is probably a boring 'what now' kind of day for a normal person. 
I was up early, as usual, and posting oddball random thoughts blogs at 4:30 this morning...not even sure what i was babbling on about.  Then i finished the last 2 of the 6 snowflakes I was making for my friend to hang in her bakery.
 I would've loved to have delivered them today, but I had to spray them with sealant and i didn't want to rush it.  By the time Hubby left for work at 8:30, I had lost my desire to take the run I had been thinking about all morning.  Running was so much easier when I could get up at 5 and be out the door, with the sun already rising, by 5:30!  Having to wait until the buses are out is annoying.  So, instead, I cleaned the kitchen and then ate some lunch while I watched a stupid movie that I can't even remember right now! 
Then, for about 10 minutes, around 2pm, I stared at my running shoes and talked myself in and out of running several times before finally giving in.  I didn't run the full 25 minutes i was out, but alternated 3 minutes of running with a minute of walking.  I wasn't really feeling it, but i was glad I got out to exercise.  Of course, then I came home, and between spraying my snowflakes, trying to watch Footloose(I just couldn't get into it), trying to decide what to buy for christmas gifts, and trying to coordinate a small cocktail party for next weekend, I made rice crispy treats.  And then I ate half of them!!  (it was not a full batch of treats, but still...) 
so, by a 'full day' I mean i spent most of it eating!  Clearly my day off has to be my 'cheat' day b/c it's really all i want to do when i'm home.

Well, i decided to take advantage of having a window in our shed, and took my snowflakes outside to spray.  While i was out there, I glanced at my garden beds.  And I saw was a tiny snow pea plant!
 and over in the other bed...a bunch of giant radishes!!  Crazy weather!

And this was the inside of the really big one on the left! Gross!

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