Friday, December 16, 2011

I had a dream is was snowing

But, it still hasn't.  I think it is because the gentleman on the news reported 'possible dusting' on the coast in a couple days.  This morning, we're easing out of our overnight 'wind advisory' and the ground is wet from rain/dew. 
I'm attempting to keep the little bit of holiday spirit I have in me this year by adding eggnog to my morning coffee, listening to Pandora's 'Swingin' Christmas Radio' station (it's really good...there are some hilarious songs from the '40's thrown in), and looking at all kinds of great stuff on etsy (leg warmers, hats, mittens, penguin prints).  So far, it's mostly just reminding me that the few days just before Christmas Eve are going to be busy!
Our family Christmas (it's just 7 or 8 of us 'kids' getting together) is at Auntie's this year.  We theme or Christmases to make them more interesting, since we don't celebrate for religious reasons.  We celebrate our togetherness.  This year we are 'Victorian'.  We have done this before, and it's great fun for us girls to wear our puffy dresses and braided hair.  We do a $20 limit Yankee Swap, which has varied results.  Some years it seems everyone ends up with a gift perfectly suited for him or her...other years, there's that one gift everyone fights for!
I always bring homemade eggnog.  It is from a recipe Auntie got from a co-worker 15 or so years ago.  I made it that first year, it was a hit (I especially loved it) and I have made it every year since (minus the year we lived on Nantucket).  So, that is on my list, but there is a specific time I must make needs at least 3 days to 'cure' before serving.  I have marked Wednesday on my calendar, as that is the only time I can make it. Monday/Tuesday are out due to work, and Thursday would be too has to be Wednesday...I can't forget! :)
I will also have to find a potato dish to bring.  Having just one dish to make, I like to find something interesting or at least VERY tasty.  And we'll pick up a freshly baked loaf of bread at our friends' bakery...yum!
I did get a swap gift on etsy after all.  I won't be getting the antique knife sharpener that I thought would be cool as a paper-weight or other such do-dad/decor, but that's okay.  I think I've found something equally as cool.  With things like these, if no one else likes it, at least you know YOU will!
OH, and I got all of the gifts I had shipped for no worries there.  He's been wanting a nice 'rocks' glass since he got me a nice one for my birthday several years ago.  He has gotten a few, in the meantime.  The one he first got, chipped.  Then there were a couple others that he liked, but as he used them, wished they were a little heavier.  He likes a nice sturdy, heavy-bottomed glass.  Then he finds a nice one, but it's got a weird pattern or something.  Luckily, he doesn't read my blog, so I can show them off, now:

They're really nice.  They are a little smaller than I imagined, but a good size, I think.  They are definitely heavier than 'today's' glasses, as they are 'vintage'.  I thought the plain 'wheat' design was nice...kind of manly.  This is the shop from where I was going to also get the knife sharpener.  To my surprise, this duo came as a trio.  I am contemplating giving 2 to hubs, and giving the spare to my friend who has started collecting cocktail glasses.
The arrival of gifts has me in higher spirits.  I love giving gifts.  When i can find that 'perfect' gift, I just get so excited wrapping it up and awaiting the reaction from the recipient!  The simple pleasures of life, I suppose.
I was lucky enough to not be needed at the vet Wednesday evening, but I did work from 4:30am to 5:30 pm yesterday, after the day was done.  I tried very hard to stay awake for A Charlie Brown Christmas (I had been saying ' I just want to know when it's on!' and then, there it was!).  I could only listen to it, as I could not keep my eyes open!  I offered to work only the afternoon at the vet today, so I am off until 2pm today.  Then, all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  I will have to make the most of my afternoons Wednesday-Friday!  I should go pen my list of 'to-do's', I guess!
Hope everyone is keeping up with all of their holiday errands!

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