Saturday, December 17, 2011

Victorian dress

I thought I'd post some pictures today. 

This is our Victorian Christmas from a few years ago.  The confederate soldier is my brother, and the girl with the grey dress was his girlfriend at the time.  We tend not to get to familiar with his girlfriends, as they change each year.  Of course, I'm pretty sure that was the last time I saw my brother anyway.  I, of course, am hidden behind Gram...I never get a good shot of my dresses!  Hubby's taking the picture, as he hates having his picture taken.
The dress I wore, and am wearing again, and have worn several times for Halloween costumes and also for a different Christmas (our first Victorian inspired Christmas, which was back in 2001 or so, when I made a glorious Beef Wellington). 
I bought this dress at Goodwill for $29.99.  I bought it to actually wear as my wedding dress, but , as we know, plans changed.
The whole thing is just covered in flowery appliques.  (I added the sleeves with some material I found to mimic the dress fabric, and a quick addition of lace trim.)
It does have a long train, so for dress-up, I stitch the train to the back and then I have a maroon colored 'backwards apron' sort of skirt I tie around my waist, making it look as if I have a bustle.
The back had a tear in it when i bought it, so i had to stitch that up many years ago, but you can't see it when the costume is done anyway.
I'm just so in love with this dress! 
I will (hopefully) get a good picture of the finished product this year.
Once again, my hair is at a weird length for this, but I have my fake braids I can pin on.


  1. So excited!!!!! I'm pulling out my dress today to work on anything that needs doing. Yea!!

  2. Just realized snow that other Christmas, either. Hmmm...

  3. Fun dress!!! I'm starting to collect "vintage clothing" myself...but not of this period! More of the "hipster" era...40's & 50's.

    Have a great Christmas!!!