Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I have decided to take a couple days off at the end of January to have another 'grand re-opening' of my etsy shop.  The whole month I will work, work, work at creating a whole bunch of new items: journals, quilled things, maybe some new cards.  So, with this re-birth, I have again been considering changing my shop name.
I had picked my original name quickly one morning.  After a lot of stream of conscious brainstorming, I found that each name I liked had already been taken.  I finally got to one that wasn't being used and decided that would be the one.
MyDearest was born from the idea of the greeting of a letter: My Dearest...
Since I was playing with paper, and making cards and homemade paper stationery, I thought it was cute.
But now I'm wondering, again, if I should change it to include my name in someway.  With a last name like Hart, it seems silly to not use it! I like paper hart, but it has been taken by another 'card company'. So, again, after a long list of possibilities, I fell into I Hart Paper.  Is that weird?  Does anyone like that?  Is it better/worse than what I already have? It's more obvious what my products might be, and that could be beneficial in getting noticed more, out there in that giant sea of sellers.
MyDearest is quite vague and...does it seem a little odd?
Of course, if I change it to I Hart Paper, does that tie me into only paper?  If I decide to branch out to bags, again, will that seem odd?
Of course, the spelling would have to be correct to find it, so that may actually make it worse!?
I am kind of just typing to try to work this out for myself...to see if one name makes more sense than the other...if it's worth changing; but, all opinions are welcome.
well, I'll think on it for a week.  that way, if I change it, I have time to get new business cards made!
Oh, and happy Christmas to me...I have sold 7 of my 9 snowflakes at the bakery!! I only wish I had time to make some more. Now with Christmas being over, and all the extra shifts I've been working being over, I may have a little extra time tomorrow!


  1. I like both My Dearest and I Hart Paper. Both are clever and catchy. I know that doesn't really help you much, but if you're looking for a new vibe, I'd go with the new name. The original name has an antique vibe.

  2. I like "I Hart Paper" let me brain storm a bit...

    Paper Harts
    Hart of Hearts
    Harts and Crafts

    okay, those aren't great but the first things that popped into my head. I will come back if I think of more.

  3. I vote for Harts and Crafts that's cute!