Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting back into it, slowly

I'm having some success easing back into being crafty. The real issue I'm having is not sacrificing other important things in the process. Today, I worked out for the first time in months...MONTHS! I was within 10 pounds of my goal, but I've slid back to gaining 15 pounds from my goal. So, I'm hoping to get back into my workouts in addition to getting back into etsy.
Hubby's been working almost non-stop since losing his full-time job. I was hoping he could use the 'extra time' (we thought he'd have extra time!) to get his own business running. In the meantime, all of his working has started to inspire me to get back on track. I've found a new craft and I'm hoping to make some beautiful things for the holidays. I'll see how it goes and decide what to do from there, I guess.
But for now, I have a friend's baby shower coming up in November. Now, normally i don't do baby showers. I don't like babies and I don't like all the mommies and their baby talk and stories about the 'miracle' (gag) of birth! But I like my friend. This will be my second baby shower as an adult. The first one was also only attended by me because the mommy-to-be was a good friend. This mom is hip and fun and kind of crunchy. I want to give her something handmade, because she is definitely the type of person who would appreciate that. I'm thinking of this shadow box with origami elephants. My mom collects elephants, so one year I made these for her...and then she framed them, and I thought, 'wow! that's really cute.' So, I made some more and went the extra yard to actually frame it. The issue: will it go with her decor in her nursery? I think she's doing greens...and frogs...can this blend in with that sort of thing? Although, I'm also thinking of getting her this pug bank. I had wanted to get it for the first friend, but it didn't make sense...this friend actually has a pug. Is it bad to not get her anything practical for the baby?? I almost want to buy her a bottle of wine!
My sister's birthday is coming up fast, too. We're planning on going out for afternoon tea. My sisters and Auntie go out for tea pretty often, and on occasion, I've tagged along. In fact, this year, we did it for my other sister's birthday, I prepared a homemade tea for my birthday, and last year (November) we also had a homemade tea at Auntie's house for her birthday! Man! this group likes tea! We dress up for the event, and it's a good time. The gift I bought, arrived yesterday...I'm kind of excited about it, and hope she likes it (don't read that part, Renee!) :)
Well, I have my lists of stuff to do, so I better get to it. Just trying to get back into the habit of regular blogging, along with everything else!


  1. It's funny how live can get in the way of art. I've decided not to fight it...and just go with the flow. I've been doing more "life stuff" than art as of late...but I sense a time coming when I too can get back at what I want! Definitely like the get with crafty!!!

  2. With the elephants, I guess it all depends on if she is having a boy or a girl...

    The pug is practical. My niece and nephew have "piggies" and they learned to put change in them as small children. My niece is now 10 and I think she has more money than I do :(

  3. I think you should just give her what you want to give her- its the thought that counts. AND who wouldn't want a pug piggy bank.. Hello? everyone would want that.

  4. I LOVE pink and green together or you could make a green origami frog and frame that for the gift (Use same frame switch it out maybe?)or the big pink elephant and replace the little with a little green frog, though then I guess the 'Mother/child' connection is lost.

  5. I'm with them: pink and green Totes go together and she'll appreciate it no matter what. *^_^* Now, time for the obligatory "You didn't have to get me anything!!!" *~_^* Thanks, sis! I'm so excited to hang out again. Why come it's only on special occasions? :P

  6. renee..b/c you and i both work 6 days a week and different schedules and don't live that close to each other! that's why only special occasions.