Sunday, October 23, 2011

A visit to a castle

Before heading off to Jackson, New Hampshire, a few of our friends said they had actually been to the area where we were headed! And a couple of them said, if we had time, that we should check out a place called Castle in the Clouds. It seemed that no one could really recollect where exactly this place was, but having the internet to tell us anything we could ever need to know, I researched it and realized that it was only a short drive out of the way. Since we had nice weather on the way home, and didn't want the whole day to be about driving, we decided to see what it was all about.
I'll skip the wordy commentary and post a few pics:
a long winding road to the top of the mountain had two stops for photo ops New Hampshire is loaded with waterfalls, and this one was on the way to the castle Once we got to the 'carriage house', we took a trolley up to the castle (and then later walked down a short path to get back to the carriage house).
The castle entrance this was technically the 'front' looked out onto Lake Winnipesaukee.
There was so much cool stuff to see. Here are a few of my favs. I think i might have to dedicate a whole separate post for the rooms and views! Cool old typewriter.
Stickley furniture in the entrance. I worked with Gustav Stickley III, and he said, 'sure, everyone knows his stuff now, but he never made any money from it.' The Gus I knew was working at least 3 jobs when I knew him.
Intercom system of yore. View from the second floor veranda.
This was such a beautiful place, I honestly didn't want to leave. And we only got to hike a bit of the 45 miles of trails they have on the property!
You should check out their site if you're at all interested...
I will post pics of the interior...including one of the 'needle shower' system!

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  1. I knew you would like NH. Maybe if we ever finally get 'that place' there, we could all go together. And maybe even ski together, if not there is some FUN inner-tube sledding at the mountains we ski at.
    The mountains are so lovely this time of year.