Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Castle pictures...just for fun

Our badge of honor!
Working backwards, this morning.... I managed to get the 'brake for moose' sign. Sadly, the only moose we saw, was dead, in the back of a truck. This was posted on the gate to an inn's dumpster. I took it for reference, so I'd know what to do if we ran into a bear. We did not.
Back to the castle...
We had lunch after our tour. There is a small restaurant in the carriage house. We ate in old horse stables! So cool!
Okay...more castle pics:
Hubby making a wish Awesome tiles in the bathrooms
There were several sewing machines in this house...at least 3 This one was actually in a 'sewing room' with this basket I thought this looked like a giant tarantula!
The bedroom the couple used when married The wife later moved down the hall to her own room when she got tired of Mr. Plant's infidelity.
The awesome library to the right of this little alcove, was a secret room he had built for himself He was just 5 feet tall (his second wife was 6 feet tall). The door was short, but the ceiling inside was of normal height.
The game room is the first thing you see as you enter (front or back) and this is the view coming down the 'grand staircase'
there were lots of really interesting things, and this is the 'brine cooled' refrigerator. Everything was just so beautiful...vacation eyes, maybe?
And, the needle shower sounds scary, but it's just a surround-type shower. And I want one! Again...it's just beautiful to look at! Obviously, my pics don't do any of it justice!


  1. Just the shower?! I want it all!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like a fun place!! I agree...that shower looks heavenly!!

  3. These showers were all the 'rage' as showering was a novel idea, much like indoor bathrooms once were. It always starts with the upper classes then the middle wish to copy and then its just 'normal' again.
    I have always love those shower types with the metal around, much like today's multi shower head on wall steam showers.
    Another novelty of the day for the rich was bathtubs specifically for salt water. There is one at the Breakers in Newport.
    I LOVE that fridge and want to know more about how it was cooled. Google, here I come!