Wednesday, October 5, 2011

before/after: the hair edition

I know. I wanted to get my blog back to the art/craft blog it was set up to be, but come on...I got my hair cut!!
If you've been following along, I have been growing my hair out. From my long locks, I went to the adorable pixie cut that I have rocked for years (yes...I did ROCK IT!).
But Hubby loved my long hair so much, and I love Hubby so much, that I decided to grow it out. Only, to make it a little more interesting, and more likely that I stick it out until it actually gets long, I decided to grow it to donate it.
But OH MY! it takes a long time for hair to grow 10 usable inches!!
I can't remember exactly when I last got my hair cut, but I believe I got it cut one last time after our trip to Vegas (last November) but before my last birthday (this past March).
At any rate...
this was my hair, this morning:
and now
Keep in mind, this is fresh from the salon. Well...actually, I had been out shopping a bit, and thus in the wind. Although, that doesn't seem to matter. She said, 'well, if you want the bangs, then you're gonna have to...' this is where she stops b/c she knows how early I get up. She knows how I HATE using product or, really, a brush even.
I think it makes me look older, right now. This is where I get totally honest...I think I have really liked my hair right out of the chair maybe once in my life. Today I sat under the dryer for the first time ever! It's all the blow drying that really makes me not sure about each and every cut I've ever had. But give it a day to flatten a bit and become my style and I know I'll love it.
I've never had bangs. I already like it more than I did when I started this post!!


  1. I feel where you are coming from SO MUCH right now!! I am SO tempted to get mine cut short again!!! I think the only thing that will get me through are extensions so that I really don't have to suffer the in-between stage.

    I think it is really cute, I like the bangs...but like I said, I feel ya!

  2. Both styles are cute, but the bangs are adorable! Your stylist really knows you, eh?