Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maybe November will quiet down?

I still can't believe how busy my life seems to have gotten this year. I figured 'well, it's summer...the fall will see some quieter times.' But that hasn't happened yet. I am so busy with projects at one job, and meetings at the other. Then it seems like everyone I know is having a birthday or a shower or a wedding. And not only that, but it seems like every one of them is having a get together...and inviting us! I have turned down so many invites. Including a work party, a food party (where I taste food!! and drink wine!!), a wedding...well, the point is, it seems to be never ending.
I'm so looking forward to our mini-vacation...2 days in New Hampshire. Breakfast in the mountains...cool crisp air, feet up, head back, maybe a little wine on a big porch watching the sun set?
Now, I'm not really complaining about all the moving and shaking of late. I'm merely saying it's an adjustment for me. It has been fun hanging with friends and such.
Here are a few shots of the biking/picnic we had for my baby sister's birthday. As I said, we took a picnic. I was told there would be fruit and some cookie snacks, so I (of course, b/c it's what I do) brought some cheese and crackers. Some individual bries, baby bels, and one of my fav semi-soft cheeses (Port Salut...mild, creamy...anyone would like this cheese), and some plain water crackers. There were grapes and strawberries, carrots and hummus, chocolate graham type cookies, and some homemade rice crispie treats. I know 'oh, rice crispie treats...yumm!' Well, hold onto your hats b/c these were made with cocoa crispies and coconut marshmallows!!! Auntie made them...so good. We biked to a little spot on the canal. It was crazy busy, being a holiday weekend and unseasonably warm for October (mid to high 70's here...i heard it was close to 80 in Boston!). And we all had our rickety old bikes. Mine was terribly squeaky, mine was also the only one with a 'working' kickstand! Poor Steph's ended up getting a flat on the way home :(
It was a fun day, ending with a meet up with the 'boys' for Indian dinner and more chitty-chats.
I'm still hoping for some down time to really get to crafting. There is a fair in November, but i'm just not sure I'll be able to make it...that time issue again!
Is anyone else having trouble finding time to get everything done this fall??

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  1. let me know if you are going to do the fair, as I am on the fence, but if you go, I would as well.