Wednesday, October 12, 2011

etsy stuff...and magic bullets

i logged onto Etsy this morning with a surprise that sent my head reeling...they're giving shop owners a chance to change their shop names! I had toyed with the idea of closing my shop and re-opening under a new name, but it's a hassle. And i don't NOT like my shop name, I just felt like I rushed into setting it up and kind of took the first name that worked out of my long list of brain-stormed names.
Here's the thing, I originally was selling handmade paper and cards and such (some made with my handmade papers). So, I chose my name based on the stationery in 'my dearest so-and-so,' (for those of you who don't know, I chose the name MyDearest as my shop name). So i don't have the issue of those poor souls who decided to sell under their original user name (like jeni100300199), but i did start to branch out...silkscreen shirts and bags, for instance. And I'm toying with the idea of putting some of my photography up as well.
So...given a week to change my name, do I take advantage? I don't have a large following of buyers, so i won't have to worry about losing anyone or confusing anyone. I only have a handful of business cards left so no harm there.
With my new love of quilling (which, of course b/c i'm a little bit crazy for paper, is still along the lines of paper crafts) and the possibility of adding photography at some point, AND my want for a better store (read:more traffic!) I'm tempted to change it.
I guess I have until the 18th to do so, if i choose.
Any thoughts? And i'm not looking for you all to tell me what to name my shop, I'm just wondering if my current name is good enough. Would it be confusing if it also had photographs and non-letter writing items? is it confusing NOW?
Just a reminder, it's: MyDearest...handmade paper and gifts
and my etsy banner reads: MyDearest...handmade paper and gifts for your 'Dearest'
already, i see a problem in that I haven't actually had the desire to MAKE paper in quite some time! :(
In other news:
my wack-o (I say in a loving way) father decided to buy a Magic Bullet blender system. One of my sisters already has one, so he asked if i wanted the 'free' one. I said, 'sure'...that was back in May. I got it this past sunday.
Now, I wasn't really familiar with it. Dad says, 'oh, it's like a little blender but you blend it right in the cup and take it with you.' OH, okay, sounds fun. My mind had pictured a little personal sized blender.
This is the box my sister presented me with:
It's not just a little blender! Four cups!? A weird-ass strainer thingy!? Lids with different sized holes in them!? What the!?
There's a recipe book...I hope there is also an instruction manual! Looks like this will be in the box at least until we get back from our's just too intense to think about right now!

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  1. If you are not 100% happy with it, change it! Oh and one of my other blog friends has a Magic Bullet and LOVES it. She says it is great for making salsa.