Saturday, October 22, 2011

back from New Hampshire

First of all, 2 day vacations are NOT vacations. Don't get me wrong, it was nice to get away, and it was fun (what little we did), but 'two days' flies by in the blink of an eye.
Wednesday: I worked until 10 a.m. then it was back home to get ready to leave. We stopped by the Underground for a coffee for the road, then headed to the bank and gas station. Along the way, we realized we had forgotten to leave money for the dog sitter. So, back to the house...and then, finally to the highway to start our 4 or so hour drive up north.
We drove through rain the entire trip, some of it pretty heavy... through Boston... ...through the tunnel...and, finally into New Hampshire, still raining...
We had stopped at a golf course restaurant for lunch (as much as New Hampshire is known for it's skiing, there were a TON of golf courses! Although, I guess they're pretty good for cross-country skiing.) and a liquor store for some scotch and bourbon.
The inn was lovely, but inn-keepers kind of make me edgy.
Our 'deal' included one dinner credit ($45 value...drinks and gratuity extra), so we decided our first night would be good, since we just got there. We opted for the less stuffy lounge over the dining room. The second (and last) night we got drinks at the bar and sat out on their beautiful wrap-around porch.
Our room was nice, with a fabulous bathroom, complete with a two-person jacuzzi tub. I have never seen a tub so big!! It also had a nice gas fireplace, in front of which we had many a glass of scotch!
And the views...everywhere, the views... this was from the side porch. Not until the morning we left did we realize just how many more mountains are in those clouds!
Day two was a lot of wandering around Jackson, and a short trip into a neighboring town (North Conway). It was still damp, and we got another rainstorm, so we didn't do any real hiking (which was our main purpose), but it was a nice day anyway. Stay tuned for the exciting continuation...

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  1. What a lovely getaway! I hope you feel relaxed and rested, even if it was a short time away. *^_^*