Thursday, September 29, 2011

clean(-er) studio plus a hair dilemma

So, yesterday was not what I would call a day 'off'. Hubby's parents were going to pay for his muffler to be fixed while they were in town (as a birthday gift), but it turned out that the garage needed to order a that got pushed back. He tried to do it Monday, but problems arose when they found the pipes to be so rusted that part of it broke...and then they were unable to fix it, anyway. Since we both had Wednesday off (well, he had a meeting in the middle of the day), we decided there's no time like the present, so off a few towns over we went to drop his car for the day. I slept until 6:30! Unfortunately, it was b/c i had had a few too many the night before and was a bit hung over.
At any rate, we stopped for coffee (I had chocolate milk, instead...feeling like coffee was maybe not the right choice for my churning stomach), dropped his car at the muffler place, went next door to get ink for his printer (since he just realized he ran out and needed some for some stuff for his meeting), then back home for a few hours. While he worked, I cleaned. After his meeting, we went to open a new bank account. We've been at Bank of America since was one of only two bank choices on the island!... but we've been meaning to join a local bank. Unfortunately, that causes problems when we're away and need to use ATM's...this bank refunds our fees!! Not the point...
While at the bank, the woman filling out our forms and checking our id and whatnot, stops and says, 'you're license expired.' Of course it did! he just had a birthday...and the RMV doesn't send out an notifications like that anymore! So, after the bank we headed straight to the RMV...which is when hubby got the call with the estimate for his car...about $100 LESS than my mechanic quoted! And they said his muffler was fine, they just welded the broken pipe.
Soooo....after he gets his license taken care of, we head back home for a quick check of emails and a pit stop, but decide that since his car would be ready in about an hour, we'd just go back to the bakery for a cup of coffee and head back to Midas. Since, if Laurie and/or Ian are there, we always stop and chat a bit.
The rest of the night was dinner and tv and sitting on the sofa.
So, here's the studio.
Mostly, my desk was a dumping ground for bits of started projects. I tend to take piles of stuff upstairs to work on, don't have the room or time to finish them, and so the pile just gets plopped back downstairs. My 'paper making station' had turned into piles and piles of scraps. I ended up getting rid of two trash bags full of stuff!! Which is sad, b/c the end results don't look that impressive!
The main thing is that I can actually work at my desk now. And, things are put away. I threw away so much crap, that now my extra table is being used to hold all the empty boxes I now have! I have my finished stuff together in cases, there too. It's not exactly 'finished' and perfect, but I am not the type to finish a project like that in one day...i get tired of cleaning VERY quickly!
Now, I can start working on my new ideas/projects for my etsy shop and maybe feel proud about it again!! And start blogging about creative things again, instead of work!! (yuck!)
And in other news:
My hair. Seems to have stopped growing. It seems like everyone has my old haircut these days, and it makes me long for the times when people would comment on how cute my hair was. Now, I think they wonder if I own a brush.
This is my hair now...though it's pulled back into a 'ponytail'. I still have to wear a headband, b/c the front is still too short to stay back. and it just curls all over! I have little ringlets in the back!! There's just no length!
But here's what I'm thinking: it has to get thinned out. I look like Richard Simmons some days, and that's not cool! I just don't want to lose any length...or this could take forever. I don't want this to happen.
But, maybe thinned out, I could get this look?
Though, I have never had bangs, really, but always thought I wanted, maybe this?
My main problem...i get up at 3:30 a.m. most mornings, for work. I don't shower in the morning, and I don't do product. Luckily, I seem to have some natural curl and body, my hairdresser KNOWS I don't do product, and she's been cutting my hair for years so I totally trust her. My dilemma is whether I should try to get in the week before we go on our trip (and I'm cutting it close to even being able to get in this close),so that i have fresh hair. Or, just suck it up until we get back, in case something terrible happens in the chair.
I know, I know...what a terrible life that THIS is my dilemma! It's just one of many, trust me!
So, any opinions on the do's?? I really like the bangs, but I have a cowlick(?) that may keep that from happening. :(


  1. I think that you should ask your hairdresser what would work at the length you've got. Then again, if you don't want to grow it out, just go ahead and get it cut. I think that you are too hard on yourself when your hair isn't a pixie cut. I think the curls are gorgeous as your hair grows out. You and Steph got that cute curl to your hair. (I've got the same look as Dan. :P)

  2. Do it cut bangs- the worst that can happen is that they grow out. I have a cowlick too and they can cut it so it's heavy on the cowlick part. :)