Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looking keep my mind off looking forward!

So, we're taking a trip next month. It's about 6 weeks away, but it's truly all I can think about!! I may have mentioned it previously, but to re-cap: 2 nights in New Hampshire at The Inn at Thorn Hill, in Jackson. I got a great deal through AAA and I have not used any vacation time since our last vacation in November of last year. So I'm treating myself.
A few months ago, a friend of mine fixed an old medium format camera that Hubby had bought at a yard sale or something. He got it b/c it's cool to look at, but our friend had some film and he fixed the winder and i gave it a go. A call from the photo lab said there were about 3 very dark images, but nothing recognizable. I decided not to play around with that camera right now. It was much like the experience with the pinhole camera...I just don't have time to figure it out right now. HOWEVER, I am still planning on getting back in touch with my old 35mm...which i think will help me get better with the other cameras. I mean, it's just for fun anyway, but I hate that feeling of wasting my time. There is so little of it as it is!!
But I decided to take the old camera on our trip to New Hampshire. Where we're staying is ski country, but we are going before ski season and we are not skiers, anyway. But we do like to walk and hike and last time we went up north to hike, I was glad for the's just breathtaking.
Thinking about the olden days before digital and past hiking trips, I dug through some old photos.
I scanned a few (none from that trip). It's much harder (well, time consuming) to take picture, have developed, scan, save, maybe edit (though I am horrible at that so i tend to skip that step), much work! :) Keeping that in mind, I will probably bring the old 35mm, zoom lens, little elph panoramic, AND elph digital. I'll definitely be carrying a backpack!!
At any rate, here are a couple old shots:
The baby Moxie when we first brought her home!! There is absolutely NOTHING cuter than a puppy!! I can't believe how tiny she was!!
And I found our pictures from the actual wedding day at The Little Chapel of the West in Vegas. Leather pants, sparkly tops and shoes...classy, eh!? That was us in our 20's. And in comparison, our 10 year anniversary shot. Now that's what i really call classy!! Either way you go, I don't think you can be 'out of place' in Vegas...and, clearly Vegas marriages CAN last!!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip ahead! We're going up to northern Michigan the first week of October...looking forward to that trip as well. And of course I'll take many cameras with me!!!

    Don't give up on the other camera...trying using slower film. I recently picked up an old 620 camera and first tried it with fast film and everything was overexposed (negs too light) so I'm going to try slower film next.

  2. oh...have fun up north, eh! :) i love northern michigan, it's beautiful.
    thanks for always encouraging me to keep trying with the cameras. i think this trip will help...remind me why i like photography!

  3. AWE!!! Moxie was so adorable!!! I mean, she still is, but so, so small. *^_^* Love the wedding pics. That one from the first trip really captures your excitement (both of you.)