Sunday, September 25, 2011

my's thinking weird things

Lately, while driving or dozing off to sleep or taking my break at work, my mind has been wandering in a direction towards craftitown. I'm not sure why? Possibly b/c the in-laws just left so i feel like I can take some time for myself? Maybe it's the holidays creeping up? Maybe it's b/c i haven't been working out, so i need to fill my thoughts with other things? Or maybe I'm finally ready to be creative again?
Who knows? What I do know, is that I am planning on cleaning and organizing my studio this week. I am planning on getting some stuff done...maybe work on the journals I had started prepping a year ago?
Right now, I'm exhausted and have to get to sleep, but before I do...
the guy who is in charge of ordering our pet food and such (at my Trader Joe's job, not the animal hospital) has decided to put up a board for people to post their 'Trader Joe's pets'. They want to get some employee pets with TJ's food/treats, to start the ball rolling before inviting customers to bring in their own pics.
Moxie was a good model, but couldn't figure out what we were doing.
But once I put that treat out for her, she didn't care about anything but getting that tasty morsel to her bed (yes, we let her eat in bed, but only HER bed...never in ours!). We are always amazed at how good she is with 'wait'. I'm such a proud momma!!


  1. LOL!!! I just love the photo of her "waiting"...I can almost feel that sense of anticipation! So cute!!!

  2. Her ears! Her EARS!!! So adorable!!!!! Yeah, I really, really need to get back into working out. This heat has to break sometime, and when it does, I'll be on it!