Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am always amazed when Sunday rolls around and I look back on all I have (or have not) been able to accomplish. This was my 'birthday week' and I have let many things fall to the wayside. For one, I have not managed to get a single workout in all week. Aside from a couple leisurely strolls with hubby and Moxie (our sweet little, under-socialized pug), I have been choosing to eat cake instead of doing any kind of physical activity. This, coupled with the usual early mornings for work, has brought my energy level WAY down.

Tuesday we hosted the weekly poker game. It was fairly low-key for this crowd (just 15 to play), but with my birthday and another friend's birthday as bookends for the night, we had cake AND another friend brought cheesecakes. So there was a lot of wine, pizza, and sugar all night long.

Wednesday was my official day to celebrate with hubby. We both had haircuts on the books, which brought us out to an area of the cape that I just never get to. A friend and past co-worker of mine has been operating a burrito place that has become a Cape favorite, and I had yet to see what the fuss was that was on our list of things to do. We also went to my old stompin' grounds for lunch and, as usual, felt like a celebrity when the chef came out to greet us and then we got our drinks comped. I love that place. It is such a lovely thing to be remembered so fondly, and after such a long time, by friends you only know through work and see maybe twice a year. Anyway, it was a fun and very busy day.

I actually got a little work done here and there, the rest of the week, but not much. Saturday, at work, I was prepared. I knew it would not be busy (as it never is, for most of the day, on Saturdays) so I brought along some things I needed to get done for myself. I cut up 25 tiny reindeer stickers to put on my tags of handmade paper. It will be part of my sampler contribution.

We were also 'scheduled' to have dinner with friends at the local Thai restaurant. Hubby was going to be helping a friend of ours move, but it ended up that she didn't need him until later in the day, so I helped as well. With all the help, it only took about an hour to make two trips back and for between storage unit and new home. It didn't hurt that the distance between the two was about a mile! After dinner we thought we might meet up with the 'moving' friends, but I just couldn't take the crowd at the bar. And we were actually an hour early for the band we wanted to see. And I, of course, hit my wall and was ready for bed.

Today, I put the final touches on my sampler package, email the necessary links, and move on to another project. MyDearest has been suffering some serious neglect and I'm not too happy about it!

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