Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doggy bags and new frontiers

Well, things at work are all messed up, so here I am home on a Wednesday, but not as I had envisioned. I am making the most of a day in the middle of the week, by ignoring my husband and playing with my newest stencils.

I spent the bulk of the morning reading up on ways to market myself/my etsy shop. Is it just me, or is it too easy to get caught up reading stuff online?? It seems you open up one article to read, that links you to another article (sometimes more helpful; sometimes, not helpful at all), which links you to someone else doing something completely different but still very intriguing, and ultimately I have to remind myself that money is tight right now and why am I suddenly shoe shopping anyway???

Despite all the reading (for several hours) this morning, I did manage to print up two cute tote bags. The stencil shifted while printing the first one (note to self: buy large clamps to hold the screen down) so I had to go back in with my fine bristled brush and fill in some spots...still looked okay to me. Once everything was cleaned and dried, I went back for more and printed, with the same stencil, a second bag...this time in green. Oh, how cute. But, since I had a perfect one to compare with the first, hubby says he can tell I messed up the first one. I still love the new 'Doggy Bags'.

I've also decided to try to get into the sampler. I will not make it for this coming month's package, but I am hoping to get things together for the next month. There is still snow on the ground but it's never too early to start thinking about the next winter holiday season, right?

It is strange, too, how researching marketing ideas and discovering new ways to promote your stuff can spark new creative fires in you. I find myself ending this blog so that I can get back to my task of creating my samples!!

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