Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Sunday Reflection

Spring is here. And with it, for me, comes that yearly reminder that I am not 17 anymore. Nor am I 25. Tomorrow, I will be 35. But I am not down about it. Turning 30, for me, meant nothing in the sense that age means anything more than how long you've been on this earth in this life-time. The women, and I suppose the men to some extent, in my family (mom's side) have been blessed with unusually youthful looks. I attribute it to the features and characteristics we got from the tiny bit of Chippewa Indian in our lineage, but I am neither a geneticist nor an anthropologist (though it was my first major in college). At any rate, my age has never caused me much concern. And I like it that way. It allows me to think on the beauty of the things around me instead of what beauty may be fading on my own person. Though, I never have been one to pay much attention to that sort of thing anyway; perhaps, that is part of the reason it doesn't matter much now.

I spent some time playing in my two (tiny, by most others' standards) vegetable beds. I constructed them last spring, only to have gotten the soil all wrong in one of them. That meant lots of pear tomatoes, green beans, and snow peas...but no cukes, carrots, corn, or broccoli. I was set to just bail on the whole project this year, as I am know for killing cacti around the house, when spring appeared. The lovely sunshine, longer days (though, now it is dark again for hours after I get up for work), warm sun pushing through the chilly winds all put it back in my head that I should give the garden another go. And to add to the drama, hubby and I have decided to push forward on the 'wildflower-cutting garden' in the back corner this year. That should be interesting.

Sure, our main goal with all of our projects around the house and yard are to spruce up this 1970's style ranch and make it more appealing to the next couple who needs a starter home, but in the meantime, sitting out on the little wooden patio hubby put together, sipping a glass of wine and looking out into our yard with all of it's updates really warms my heart. When we first moved in, my husband couldn't wait to turn it around and sell it. But now, we have made it our own and we're happy to wait for the perfect second (final, I hope) home.

I think I'll go order my plants!

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  1. Hi Jen,
    My big old brick house is in Pugwash and we're on the Northumberland Strait (warmest waters north of Virginia ;-) I like to keep the exact local anonymous on my 29 Black Street blog. Thanks for stopping by.