Friday, March 20, 2009

My first big sale on Etsy

I decided last week that I needed to do something to celebrate my birthday. Originally, I was going to take some extra time off from work, like I usually do, to stop and reflect on the past year. At first, it just happened that I changed jobs around my birthday and so ended up with a couple extra days off. And I LIKED it. So I made a habit of it, usually inviting 'the girls' over for some sort of day, craft day, that sort of thing. But this year, just as things were looking up, the calendar reflected my chosen days off, then things took a turn for the worse and that was that.
So, making a long story a little shorter, I decided to have a sale on my etsy shop! For me, someone who is still learning the ins and outs of the site and all it's goings-on, I figured the easiest thing to do would be to offer free shipping. SO I DID!
I have also been trying to post in some forums/threads and so I actually am seeing an increase in traffic to my store and of course finding tons of cool stuff out there!
From all of my reading of other people's posts, I found a woman looking for ACEOs for her students. In between projects she has them make ACTs and then she will have a 'trading day'. She has invited any etsian who wants to donate their work to do so. I have not made any new one's in quite some time, but I offered to send along a couple of my oldies.
This, of course, inspired me to go through my old stuff and consider doing a few new ones. In the meantime, I decided to list a couple of my older cards that have removable cards for framing.
So much to do....I had better get to it!


  1. Good job! Are you celebrating your birthday this weekend? I didn't get a 'come sit in my hot tub' invite, so I am assuming it is just you and the hubbs, am I correct in that? Or, of course, you got suckered into working.

  2. all we really have planned is a day out getting hair cuts, getting burritos in chatham, and possibly getting my new drivers license...two days AFTER my birthday never a dull moment around here! I'll be working most of the weekend anyway.

  3. Hope you had a great day!

    Yeah, the 8k was great and I didn't come in last (my goal)! The beer tent at the end was a great motivator :o) I am also doing a 100 mile bike ride in June. It's in the mountains so I'm not sure how far I will get (since I live in a very flat place), but we shall see!