Sunday, March 8, 2009


What a great weekend for the time change. Spring is definitely in the air, here on Cape Cod. It's around low- to mid-40's now...overcast, as it IS supposed to rain today. So we 'lost' an hour, but I still got up as normal. Can anyone tell me WHY it is so hard to get up at 4:30am on days when I HAVE to, yet Sunday morning rolls around -me, looking forward to sleeping in- and my mind races in a way that will not let me sleep past 3:30!? I guess there's some crazy 'law' for that...some crazy friend of Murphy.

On to other oddities: hubby and I attended a social gathering yesterday. Now, anyone who knows me can tell you, I am NOT a social being. I could be quite happy being a problem. I think that as the years have gone by, it has become more so, and I blame it on the fact that my job has me 'chit-chatting' with several dozens of people on a daily basis and it can get old, fast. At any rate, one of my 'regulars' had recently been found to be, not only the brother of another guy we knew when we lived on Nantucket, but also a good friend of another of our friends (and regular at hubby's weekly poker games)! So we have become friendly, his wife is also a semi-regular at the bagel shop and both are lovely people, and they invited us to their St. Patrick's Day Parade After-party.
**Now, Cape Cod has some very strange ...habits, rules, goings-on. We all know St. Patrick's Day is March 17, right? Well, our local parade was yesterday...March 7. The rumor is: it was early to give people the opportunity to make it to the big Boston parade, as well. Fine, works for me...just wanted to clear up why we were attending a party almost 2 weeks before the actual holiday.**
Anyway, given my penchant for bailing on most social outings, even after agreeing to go, it was quite a feat for me to even leave the house. We stayed only long enough to say hello, have a beer, meet some new people, and (omg, say isn't so....) feel my heart skip a beat when an adorable little boy wrapped his arms around my leg to 'hide-and-seek' with one of the adults. It is nice to get out once in awhile, and even better when it can all be done within 2 short hours! We even side-tracked to the beach for a couple minutes, on the way home!

Today will be spent (hopefully) making paper. I have to get working on my samples if I want to have stuff to send in a couple months. Etsy is at stand-still. Still working when I can, but no sales lately. Gotta get myself out there!!

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