Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I did last week...

I've realized it's been a week since my last post. Christmas is coming, even if the weather doesn't agree (65 degrees and sunny on December 3??? Really??) We are hosting our family Christmas Eve party this year. Hubby grew up in a Jewish family and is not particularly psyched about holiday parties, even though he doesn't celebrate any Jewish holidays either and we are actually both professed Atheist...aaaanyway...
For many years we (with my sisters, Aunt & Uncle, and whatever other family happens to be living in the area at the time) have been alternating hosts and themes. We have all gone through our years of good and bad financial times (I think we're all in the 'bad' times now) so we have been doing a Yankee swap with a maximum budget of $20 each person. A few of us like the joy of wrapping, opening, and watching others open gifts, so we spread our $20 into as many gifts as we can, so our swap sometimes goes on for quite awhile. It's fun to see who goes for which gifts...sometimes, it's fun just to see what others BUY!
This year, it's our turn. We missed this tradition two years ago when we were living on Nantucket and unable to get off the island. It was nice, but I also had to work at the shelter, so it was a good thing we hadn't planned on getting away anyway. This year, I may be working Christmas day again, but only for a few hours in the morning...someone is gotta make sure those puppies and kitties are taken care of!
Back to the eve party...our theme is Japanese. We are doing make your own sushi. I'm going to try making miso soup. And then there are a slew of other things I want to have for 'finger foods'. The homemade much stuff to take care of and research. So that is what I've been up to.
I have also been trying to keep up with my etsy shop. I have had another sale, but again, it was one of my older bags I had up. I would love to sell some bowls, but I do realize it's not something people 'need' so I am fine just being happen when someone does decide that it is a beautiful piece of functional art that they just can't live without.

OH, and here's a photo of the centerpiece I made for out table for Thanksgiving dinner. I picked up some fallen bayberry 'clumps' during our walk in the morning. I have some old floral foam (not really sure why) that I stuck the tiny branches into. Then I just set the whole thing in one of my handmade 'free-form' paper bowls that I've decided to keep for myself (selfish). I thought it was really cute.
Yes, there were just two of us, and yes, we did finish the green beans eventually. I almost forgot the best part...leftovers. Ours went into, not the 'day after' sandwich...we had a 'day after pizza'!! Gravy, stuffing, turkey, and fried onions! So good. Hubby had his with a side of cranberry sauce.


  1. We are hosting our family Christmas Eve party this year."

    I don't think you can do that. I've been told by many atheists that Christmas belongs to the pagans.

  2. well, technically, it's only a 'Christmas Eve' party in that it is ON Christmas eve. There won't even be a tree, actually.

  3. Was the "crust" baked mashed potatoes? Mmmm...*^_^* Cute centerpiece, lady!

  4. you work in an animal shelter?! oh thats just lovely! your japanese themed party sounds great and make your own means you wont be slaving away in the kitchen all evening! one thing i love about christmas is definately the egg nog. so good....

  5. 'crust' on potatoes. that thing at the front of the shot is green bean casserole with french fried onions on top! you know, the whole reason for Thanksgiving!!
    Monarch...I actually work as a kennel attendant at an animal hospital. I used to work at a shelter. it's both rewarding and heart-wrenching, depending on the day!

  6. Oh, no! I meant that when you make a Thanksgiving leftover pizza you should make the "crust" of the pizza from mashed potatoes. *^_^*

  7. oh!!, just regular ol' pizza crust! :)