Wednesday, December 9, 2009

crazy day ahead...i'm kind of nervous

I've decided to quit my coffee shop job today. This is going to cause some serious problems. The main issue, of course, being of finances. We aren't swimming in riches even with me working this job, but finding a job to pay me what I'm making now is going to be impossible. So, I've already resigned myself to having to work more than 2 jobs fairly soon. But, I'm okay with that for now because, for my own health and sanity, I must leave this job. I have saved up quite a bit of my tips over the year (I wish I'd been able to save them all...maybe I could've taken a month off!), so I can make up any lost income for a few weeks, but I will have to find something soon. And, January is not really a great time to be looking for work on Cape Cod. Plus, I don't have any real skills, so I'll have to find something in retail, food service (which I'm hoping to stay away from for awhile), or 'no experience required' type jobs.
The other issue concerns my personal married life. I like making decisions jointly, but for all my hate for my job, Hubby is more concerned with paying the mortgage. And I get that, but what I'm having trouble understanding is why he thinks I don't. So, I've just decided, this one time, I was going to do what I think is best with total disregard to how he feels about it. I know I may have to work extra hard to make up for this lost income, but I'm sure I can make it work without losing our house. He is always supportive of everything I do and doesn't blink an eye when I spend $50 at the craft store (being an artist himself, I think this is something he just understands), he thought it a great idea for me to take a random class when I thought about going into physical therapy even though nothing ever came from that, and there's never really a question about anything I ever do. He just accepts things. And I'm sure he will (well, he'll have to) accept the fact that I'm quitting.
I'm still nervous, though...

(we're getting a mix of snow and rain right now...I hear rain on the roof, but see snow softly falling outside...kooky.)

In other news, I am going to try to really clean up my etsy stuff. Bigger journals, maybe. I was thinking of turning some of my paper into hair clips or other small jewelry items. I have been thinking about it for some time, and had it also suggested by a friend which reinforced it's being a good idea. It's been on the back-burner forever though, because I've been trying to focus my energies on journals and bowls...for some consistency. I decided to take out my bags and I've mainly been selling those lately! They are all gone now. What I haven't sold has expired and so now belongs to me...yeah, new tee shirts! New year, new projects?
And then there's the holiday festivities and whatnot. We got our Hanukkah package from Hubby's parents. I always get clothing and a check. I think every sweater I own is from my mother-in-law!
Luckily, she doesn't have terrible taste. I also got a cute black top with ruffles. Casual with a bit of flare. Moxie always gets treats or a toy. Hanzo always gets some sort of treat as they aren't really sure about him since he rarely comes out to see any of our visitors. We had a friend house/pet sit for us for a few days and he said he finally saw Hanzo the day he left...4 days later!! And Hubby got his usual sweater and check. I really love my in-laws...they are super sweet people and I'd never trade them for another.
I've also had packages trickling in from etsy. We do a Yankee swap, so that everyone only spends $20 and the swapping game is usually more fun than the actual gifts you get, but oh, my the laughs...! This year the gifts are 'Asian themed' since I am throwing a Japanese inspired party. At last year's '50s party I had a 5x7" playing card with a topless girl wearing an ammunition belt and holding some sort of was from the late '50's so it counted. This year, I have an equally disturbing gift to throw in the mix, but since family sometimes reads this, I can't say what it is. I also got a package from a Asian grocery I shop online. A couple weeks ago I went shopping specifically for soup spoons, and couldn't find them. So I ordered them online for 50cents each! I am in love with them. The best part of this years theme is that I collect Japanese rice bowls and chopsticks so anything I get this year will just add to my collection!
I even scoured that marvelous indie marketplace for a vintage Kimono. I found a really pretty one for just $25 INCLUDING shipping! One of my swap gifts fell through, though, so I'm not getting too excited about anything until it's actually in my hands.

Wow...what's up with Miss Wordy today?....


  1. So exciting!!!! I hope the job stuff worked out. I know how scary that can be. Luckily, we are the kind of people that don't burn bridges. You will get through this. Though bills are important, your health and well being need to come first. Otherwise, you'll end up a wreck and have a nervous breakdown and you won't have any job. Any that's no way to be. Love you! *^_^* Maybe you can get a PT job with hubby at Joe's?

  2. haha i love miss wordy - i get to learn even more about you :-)

    job - DO IT!! there is nothing worse than being in a job you loathe. Once you resign i bet it will be a huge weight off your shoulders.
    i love japanes soup spoons. they remind me of my childhood for some reason.

    cant wait to find out what your diturbing japanese swapsie gift is!!