Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

I figure this to probably be my last blog of 2009, but you never know, something magical may happen between now and January 1 that I simply can't wait to post. I guess we'll have to see about that.
At any rate, we are coming up to the end of this year pretty quickly. I am finally relaxing at home for a full day off from work. I have just put in a 7-day work week, which is just kind of strange with Christmas falling in there. It is nice to have the extra hours now, though, since Saturday was my last day at the bagel shop, after all. Not that 'not going to work' is actually a 'day off', but I find I am being forced to relax today. Since Monday, I have had a 'kink' in my neck that has progressively gotten worse. I am to the point where it is dangerous to drive as I can't turn my head to either side without being in excruciating pain. The heating pad and I have become great friends over last night and this morning. It's not really helping with the pain, but the warmth feels nice! I figure it is due to the intense cold we've been experiencing and me being sort of hunchbacked to keep warm while out walking the dogs.
But, as I 'days off' really. The house certainly isn't going to clean itself (I've given up waiting for that to happen). This morning, Hubby and I got coffee before he went off to work, to give us a chance to chit-chat a bit. Then, off to run my errands: transfer station, bank, grocery store, feed store for dog food, then back home to clean. Since I am not scheduled to work again until Monday, I am quitting for today to rest my neck and back, and I will pick up again tomorrow. The house is mostly clean from having family over for Christmas Eve, anyway.
Now, for the new year.
Priority #1, obviously: find new job! I have been told by a friend who works for the company that I am hoping will find a place for me, that if I keep bugging them, and let them know I would be okay working til midnight, that I could possibly get in fairly quickly. While I am not a night owl, by any means, I could certainly make it work until they could find more reasonable hours for me. Or, maybe I'd love it? Who knows?
#2: get back into shape. This is not only a need to be healthy again, but almost a necessity to be productive at my current job. Lifting 50# bags of dog food is definitely easier if you are conditioned! And I'm sure it will keep the whiplash to a minimum.
#3: I'd love to take my Etsy stuff to the next level. I believe once I am on a schedule that doesn't have me getting up at 4:30a.m. that I will be able to focus more during the day. Right now, once noon rolls around, I feel like I've already put in an entire day and I'm ready for beddy. But I'd love to be able to use the daylight hours for creative purposes. I'm putting serious thought into making jewelry with my handmade paper. I think it would be a nice addition to my shop, but that means putting my efforts into yet another project instead of focusing on making what I already do, better. Perhaps a few months down the road I will move onto that? (Wow, this blogging stuff really helps to work through things!)
Being the simple girl I am, I guess that's all I have for the new year's expectations. Although, I am also putting more effort into my current job. I had my first review yesterday. It was my '90 day review' but it was late. Although, working only 2 days a week there, I'm probably just about 90 days 'worked'. Anyway, it was all positive. They really like me and the manager said the owner (who is also one of the doctors) is really pleased with me. I knew I was doing okay...I mean, I walk, clean, feed dogs and cats and help with restraining animals for shots and x-rays and stuff...not rocket science. But they have changed my job title and description. I believe it is their hope that I will learn what the technicians do and possibly start taking bloods and giving vaccines when they are in a bind. For me, this is really an enormous step forward. I have been giving second thoughts to actually wanting to learn these things, but then I go back and forth. So, for me to feel comfortable, I want to learn outside the job too. I can certainly learn on the job, but I also like not going into things 'blind'. I guess that could be Priority #4: learn veterinary medicine in spare time!! :)

Celebratorily speaking (yes, I believe I did just make up a word), we are having dinner with friends for new year's eve. Originally, we were going to do our usual dinner at our favorite tapas restaurant in town. We have never had a bad experience there, and you never feel like they just want you to eat and get out so they can turn over their tables. And they serve their regular menu on new year's eve, which so few restaurants do around here. But, sadly, they are closed for the holidays and there are rumors flying that they are in the process of selling. Sad.
Instead, we are joining a couple of friends who have reserved a table for another friends' band's show. Last year, we went just to see the band, I saw the crowd inside, and we drove back home. This year, they said if you plan on seeing the show, you must make reservations. Having our original plans squashed, we decided to go for it and added ourselves to the list. It should be fun, though, as most of our friends will likely be there, as they all know the band. Plus, having a table for dinner means no fighting for floor space to stand on all night. I should be fun.

So, what are your new year's eve plans...and plans for the new year? Something fun and inspirational, I hope.


  1. No no no. Priority #1: Get your neck fixed! Physio m'dear! I've had that happen to me and it's hard to get it to go away on it's own.

    Anyways, have a very happy New Year!

  2. First, get over that rutt into which you always seem to place yourself. You are far more intelligent and composed than you give yourself credit! Heck! If I can administer vaccines and medications (both oral and intramuscularly... now I've created a word) to sheep and goats while holding them, you can certainly do it! I realize that small animals are far more wiley, but I think, once you've done it once or twice, you'll be a pro! *~_^*
    Second, my plans for the big night? Work til four. Then, as I have no boyfriend to kiss at midnight, to bed since I have to work the next morning. Fun, fun! *U_U*

  3. Kate, you're right...the neck definitely needs fixing. and now I have health insurance so i'm up from last year! can always join us at Island Merchant for new year's eve, but Rob may be there?