Sunday, December 6, 2009

Random thoughts for the day

Hubby brought me home a bunch of Irises last night. It was the flower I carried at our Las Vegas wedding because that is what the woman handed me when I asked for a 'single flower'. She must've thought I meant 'one kind of flower', but they were pretty, and I liked them, so I took them. Now they are one of my favorites. I love how they are just pointy torpedos, then as they open they are like little purple Fleur-De-lis.

I think the non-winter weather is really starting to take it's toll on my emotional well-being. I have noticed that I am feeling sort of ...lost. I get to host dinner this year, and have tons of planning to do, but I just can't get in the mood with all the rainy days followed by 'sunny and 65'. I need a little snow, I think.
I am also trying to leave my coffee shop job, but am both anxious to be done with it and nervous as hell to just leave my 'major job' when I have nothing else lined up. And I am sure this is contributing to my mood these days.

On a happier note, little Moxie turned 6 years old yesterday. I will never forget her 1st birthday when I baked her a white cake with white frosting. I set out a tiny little piece for her, got my camera ready (non-digital, of course), and gave her the okay to eat the cake. After all the silliness. I kept taking pictures to use the roll of film, only to discover that the film was not advancing. I didn't get one single picture of the event. Sad. This year, she had to sit at home all day by herself as mommy and daddy worked all day.
I scored some super awesome Japanese paper lanterns on etsy last week. They are going to be so cool hanging around the house. Now I need to find a kimono. I am leaning towards a short kimono and maybe funkin' it up with some modern touches...not sure yet. There is probably no other day I will be able to wear a full on kimono, so I may just take advantage. Anybody have any ideas?

I attended a tree trimming party at my 1950's friend's house last week. I managed, some how, between two 10-hour days to make cookies to bring. They were just chocolate chip, but I added butterscotch chips and peanuts. I don't have a ton of 'vintage' clothes but I am happy to play dress up whenever I can. Plus, it makes all of our silly shenanigans all the more silly when we are all dressed up like proper ladies. I forgot my camera, of course, since I was rushing after work, pictures, but trust me, we were cute. If you'd like, here's a link to her post (hope she won't mind). Be forewarned...she's a bit long-winded (you know I love you 50sgal!).
So that's it. Today, Hubby decided to stay in bed practically all day so, in the attempt to be quiet, I have done nothing but sit here and surf the internet while listening to xmas songs on pandora (free internet radio). Not sure what else will get done, since I've already been into town to do my banking this morning (work drops and atm, of course, since it's Sunday). I was waiting for him for grocery shopping (love his discount at work!) but now I don't want to deal with everyone else being up and out, too. I do love having the roads and stores to myself so early in the morning.


  1. I've said this before but I love the fact that you got married in Vegas! with a bunch of lillies! also love the fact that you have a wonderful husband who remembers things like what flowers you had at your wedding.

    p.s what is a tree trimming party?

  2. Tell Moxie that I say, "Happy Belated!" *^_^* By the way, I don't think you ever told me that funny story you had to tell me at the party.