Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christmas Eve party wet okay. I, of course, kept thinking of how I could have made it better and the things I did wrong. But I was reassured by a phone call today that it was a fine party and everyone was just happy to be able to get together for a night of conversation, games, trivia, and all 'round silliness. When the girls in my family get together, you better be ready for some laughs!
My kimono was so pretty! I was so excited when I got the package and I just couldn't wait to wear it. My only wish is that I had been able to spend a little more on a proper obi. I basically just wrapped some of Sisters pretty fabric around my waist and held it up with my yoga strap!! Another scrap of material was 'bloused' in the back to give the illusion that I had an authentic obi. (I didn't get any shots of that, though.) The picture isn't great, but I have to say, I kind of like the grainy texture of some of my photos after trying to 'fix' the exposure on the computer.
I wrapped all of my swap gifts in scraps of fabric. I thought it made for pretty packages. Auntie even specifically picked a gift for the fabric it was warpped in!!
We used our giant nutcracker as our 'gift protector', and I, of course, had to get another picture of me, with him!

I made Sakitinis when people arrived. I even ordered a can of Lychees to use in place of olives. Spicy snacks in pretty bowls were really enough to make me happy. I think I may have a problem...I love pretty bowls!
Steph made a BEAUTIFUL cake. It was a sponge cake with whipped cream frosting and fresh fruit. A traditional Japanese Christmas would include this dessert. I felt terrible because we never actually got to eat it! She and I had a small piece, but it was really late and everyone was getting ready to leave when we remembered it was there. Like I said...laughs galore...we just forget everything else!
The 'make-your-own' sushi wasn't the grand event I thought it would be, but it was fun. A few of us made some rolls and everyone just shared. When the party moved into the living room, we just never made it back in to make more. I didn't mean for this to look so dirty...My first sushi roll turned out HUGE and I meant for this to be like a cigar!!
I had also made Miso Soup from scratch (I boiled the seaweed to make the stock and everything!), and everyone liked that. I burned most of the tempura vegetable 'nests' but apparently my youngest sister likes burnt food...she ate most of them. I was glad for that, since I was pretty sure the mistake had spoiled the party.
Moxie fit right in with or 'theme' (since pugs were originally bred for Chinese Royalty, I think, and I was pretty loose with Japanese theme...I called it 'Asian'). Auntie dressed in a pretty '50's inspire dress with an obi-type sash and a pretty Asian parasol (which I didn't get pictures of). And baby sister dressed as Anime Gothic Lolita (? I'm not sure the proper term...she and our other sister had gone to an Anime convention and made cute outfits to wear there). I wish I could have that blue hair always.

Now...for the 'racy' swap gift I got. I almost didn't include it because it was so random. And completely un-p.c. But, I put it together with one of my handmade paper ornaments with origami so that it was just a birthday card. And, actually, my sister got it and she had wanted one of my ornaments anyway. She thought the card was funny, too, though, so...
Here it is...
It is a birthday card from from the '50's. Inside it says, 'No plesant' and in the bottom corner it says, 'so solly please'. It is one of those things you just can't believe...but it is vintage...this used to be an acceptable birthday card to give to someone! It is strange how times change.


  1. I had a blast! Your nests had the perfect crunch and the miso was amazing! Never another dehydrated packet for Ney! *^_^*
    I'm lucky to have so many Japanese costumes from the conventions I attend. Auntie even suggested I bring all of them and have several wardrobe changes throughout the evening. Can you imagine?!
    In context that card is hilarious! Taken out of context, as in today's overly p.c. world, it's "offensive." Everyone still laughs, though. Guess the world's just not as p.c. as it wants to be?
    Best Japanese/Asian party I've ever attended! Well done, sis. *~_^*

  2. hahaha i love the card. i dont think you woul find that on newsagents shelves these days though! it looks like your party was a great success well done!