Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my goodness, the 'to do' list does grow!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) was going to be my last chance to do my last minute bits for my Family Dinner on Thursday (since I will be working Thursday morning, I only have a couple hours to get ready before people arrive). I have to get to the transfer station to take care of my mounding recycling and trash. That may end up as me taking a bag of trash to work with me to dump in the 'company' bin. We'll see. It is just that, after this ridiculous storm, our roads are crap. The storm was Sunday. It is now Tuesday night. The road I live on is basically one lane of tire tracks. The 'main' roads are fairly clear, but they thaw during the day just to freeze when the temperature begins to drop again in the evening. It is really sad how badly they deal with this weather out here. I guess 'hearty New Englanders' can only be if there is a 4-wheel drive in the driveway?
At any rate, due to the roads and my Chevy Cavalier not getting along too well, I am driving as little as possible. As luck would have it, my dad called yesterday asking me about his dog, Chin. He's having issues with his 'be-hind'. My dad is pretty much housebound in a wheelchair and can't easily get his puppy to the doctor. So, knowing that I am working at an animal hospital, he asked me a few things and I ended up offering to drive out to take a look at Chin. I'm not a Vet. I'm not a Technician. I have merely assisted with a few things and I am confident, if the problem is just what I think it is, that I can take care of it at home. We shall see, I suppose, but that means driving out to his place which is a 45 minute drive on a good day. I'm meeting my sister there so she can help before she goes to work. Then I can stop off at the grocery store near Dad's house and finish my food shopping for my party, and hopefully get home with enough time to do all the prep I need to finish before Thursday.
I had ordered some of my Japanese staples from an Asian grocer online. I forgot some stuff, well, actually, I realized too late that it was a lot cheaper online than at the grocery stores here...so, I placed another order, fingers crossed that I would get it in time. Every day I tracked the package on FedEx. With the storm, I think, it seemed to be pushed from a Saturday/Monday delivery to Tuesday (today). After work, seeing no package, I checked the tracking to see that it had been 'left on front porch'. But where is it??? With flashlight in hand, I searched the front yard. There are no footprints to my front door, and no package at my side door. My brilliant mind deduced that the neighbors must have it. But how do you go to your neighbors and say, 'do you have a package for me?' Well, I didn't have to, as minutes after Hubby drove off to play poker, the doorbell rang and the girl from across the street said, 'I think this is yours. Your 38, right?' Yippeeeee! I've never been so happy to get a box full of seaweed!!
Unfortunately(Fortunately?) Christmas week does not mean any extra time off for me. Instead, I am off tomorrow (so that I can run errands and get ready for Thursday...and now help dad), but then I work a short day Thursday, then Friday morning, Saturday is my last day at the bagel shop and then I am going straight over to the Vet.Hospital to work til close, then I'll be working Sunday (the other kennel girl is leaving Thursday through Sunday)...then my usual Monday, Tuesday shifts. However, after that, I am flying by the seat of my pants, working only 2 days a week. I have exactly 2 weeks to find another job before I start to worry about the mortgage payments. Despite all of that, I am eager to be done with bagels! (Though, I'll miss the free coffee!)
I think I'll end your misery, whoever has managed to hold on till the end of this amazingly dull post....
I am hoping to get lots of fun shots at the party Thursday...

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