Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday afternoon...what to do?

I finally got to see snow today. This morning, during my 5am commute to work (I'm not sure 'commute' is the proper term since it's actually just a quick 10 minute drive down some long and winding roads), I saw snow. It was so pretty. Just some random flurries. Nothing sticking to the ground, no slippery roads...just pretty snow fluttering around me as I drove to work.
However, there is a storm on it's way, apparently. Hubby says it's supposed to start around 9 tomorrow evening, but I just heard on the radio that it won't start until midnight tomorrow. Regardless of when it actually will start, I had planned on getting an early start Sunday (not that I don't always get up at 6, but I had a schedule I needed to keep this time, so close to Christmas). I was going to go in early and get all my eggs and cream and milk for my eggnog so that I could make that Sunday afternoon (since it needs at least 3 days for the alcohol to, 'mellow out'). And Hubby was going to get into town to do his shopping this weekend, too.
Now the plan is for us both to go in tonight. I have all kinds of food to buy, but I am trying to do it in stages so that everything is fresh for dinner. This really wouldn't be an issue if not for trying to get stuff done around work and snow storms! I have notes everywhere that I keep checking and re-checking just to make sure that I don't forget something important. I am also going to have to do a lot of prep Wednesday, since I do have to work the day of our dinner. The good news is that my co-worker is going to come in and work 10 to close so I can go home by noon at the very latest.
So, now, I'm just killing time before having to go shopping.
We were also planning on going out for a friend's birthday celebration (sounds like it's basically going to be a cape cod pub crawl), but if the weather turns out as bad as they say, I'd much rather sit by the fire with a glass of wine or scotch. I guess we'll see what happens.
On an unrelated note...I found another tail in my yard. I am sure it is a different one, as it is much bigger. But it's still by the side porch and appears to have come from a squirrel. Do they lose their tails? I mean, why are there animal tails strewn about my driveway?? Weird.
I think now, I will go search the internet for a hairstyle. I am saving money by not getting it cut, so it is at a very ugly stage where it just looks like a hair helmet. At least it's hat season!!


  1. I'm supposed to sell trees on Sunday. We'll see if they still decide to have me come in. Sounds like everything is coming together nicely, though! Well, except for random, furry gifts left by neighborhood cats. Did you do something to get into the Cat King's good graces? That might explain the appendages. (Don't get the reference? Watch Hayao Miyazaki's "The Return of the Cat.")
    P.S. Helmets don't count as hats. *~_^*

  2. Could be they almost got eaten by hawks or cats and escaped only with the loss of their tail. More likely Renee is right and it's some mystical Cat King who is blessing you. :D