Monday, November 8, 2010

That's a fine 'how do you do?'

This is what I woke up to this morning. Is it snow? I guess...sort of. It's basically been raining (again) since yesterday afternoon. At some point during the night it started to freeze. When I got up for the day (at 5 a.m.) it seemed like it was turning back to rain, but was still coming down in those big 'what is that' kind of drops.
Driving to work will be fun...walking dogs this morning will be even more fun. Rain?...fine. Snow?...fine. Cold mix of snow and rain?...a bit harder to deal with.

Anyway, I am still truckin' along with my weight loss project. I'm up to 12 pounds lost. That's 2 pounds over what I was hoping to lose by vacation, but I'm gonna keep going towards my next goal of 15 pounds until we leave. I had about 5 days straight when I couldn't fit in a workout, but I'm back on the horse.
Right after my workouts, I've been sneaking in some music practice too. It's not my usual creative outlet, but I haven't had one at all for so long, that it is nice to 'make' something pretty. Although, to be quite's not that pretty just yet!! I am definitely glad I spent the money on the clarinet. I think it will help me get back into other forms of creativity again, eventually.

In other news...well, there isn't any really. One of our friends may end up meeting up with us while we're in Vegas. He's been at the hospital almost non-stop with his mother who had some sort of brain trauma a few weeks ago...she had to have a shunt put in to drain fluid (which she will have forever now) and is now in rehab for a few weeks. He just wants to get away for a few days so is possibly going to spend a couple days out west with us. He's still not sure, though.

I have a few last minute 'loose ends' to tie up this week on my day off, then I'm not sure what the next week will bring, schedule-wise, but we're leaving in two weeks and I can hardly believe that time is finally here!


  1. I feel your pain of having to work in cruddy weather. It's not so bad when you don't *have* to go out, but... Be careful.
    Yeah, playing music, even if it isn't Boston Symphony caliber is still loads of fun! I'm looking forward to playing carols this year. *^_^*

  2. I am very impressed by your weight loss! Way to go!! Oh and you will realize soon enough (so I will go ahead and warn you now) I whine the whole Winter and beg and pray and long for snow but it never comes...but I do it every year. I may even spew a few curse words to other bloggers who show snow pictures - no offense. I am controlled right now but will lose it around Christmas.

  3. Angela...I can understand your frustration. I never understand why people leave here to go to florida for the winter. I love the changing seasons and i will try not to be so 'in your face' in the future! :)
    (i do wish i had a chauffer when it really starts to pile up, though!)