Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 22, 2010

Day one in Las Vegas.
Before meeting up with our friend, we got coffee and checked out the gardens at the hotel.
Flamingos at the Flamingo, of course. And koi so big they could've eaten the ducks swimming above them!!
We got up and met with our friend for breakfast while we decided what to do for the day. We ate at a little place in the Venetian, since that is where Hubby and Spencer were planning on getting into a poker tournament at noon. So, I was a girl about town...on my own for the day. (Vintage shoes from Goodwill, $6; friend's old vintage '80's skirt kept for years hoping I would fit into it; Forever21 sweater, $12; plain white tee; and, my cute purse that Hubby got me 15 or so years ago at Trump Tower on our first trip to NYC together.)
So I wondered around and made my way all the way down the strip to get to the Luxor hotel to see the Bodies Exhibit. Taking some pictures along the way, of course. There are so many sculptures and water features in Vegas. Every hotel has dozens of them!This one in front of Caesars Palace, I think. And this one, too.
So, it was quite a walk. You can just walk down the strip. The whole length is only 4.1 miles long. I had about 3/4 of that to my heels. But you have to go up and down and around so much, that it is not a straight shot. To top it off, the side of the street I was on was having a new hotel built and had part of the sidewalk blocked off. (Only for that day, I think, b/c the next time we went down that way, the sidewalk was open!) The detour I took, took me back in the wrong direction. I ended up going back to the blocked sidewalk and crossing the street for the rest of my trip. I saw a CVS pharmacy and stopped for blister bandages b/c my feet were wrecked at this point. And I hadn't even made it to the exhibit!!
When I saw the Pharaoh head in the distance I knew I was close. It was a great show, I'm glad I saw it, but my foot is now wrapped in an Ace bandage due to some sort of injury I obtained from my stupidity!!
This is just a shot of the indoor Venice waterways in the Venetian.
And, yes, there are still pay phones in the world!!
Next installment of Vegas Vacation: Monday night out...a fun night, even with the lack of music.

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  1. Oh I can feel your pain! There is nothing worse than your feet hurting :(

    Love the photos and the vintage attire - Can't wait to see more :)