Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to reality

We're back from out trip. So, here is my first installment of 'VEGAS 2010'...
Our flight out of Boston left on time Sunday at about 6:10 p.m. I had been up at 4 a.m. to work a quick 4-11 a.m. shift at the grocery store before coming home to get Hubby so that we could go pick up our rental car. It was actually cheaper to rent a car one-way to the airport (and then again from Boston to Hyannis) than it would've been for the two of us to get round-trip bus tickets. Well, I guess it was about $10 more, but the ease of driving versus sitting on a bus for 3 hours and then having a 6 hour flight is worth way more than that!! And it is very expensive to leave the car parked at the airport for 5 days, too.
So, we boarded our plane, and then with the time change of 3 hours, we got into Vegas around 9 p.m. 'their' time. We hadn't eaten all day, so we dropped off our stuff at the hotel and headed to Carnegie Deli in the Mirage and had some corned beef. By the time we got back to our hotel and into bed, I had been up for nearly 24 hours. Just 30 minutes shy. I was still up by 5 a.m. Vegas time, 8 a.m. Eastern.
Anyway...some photos:
I always sit by the window, and I can never resist taking pics, even though it's hard to get a good one. This is before I adjusted the settings on the camera. I am very bad at this digital camera stuff, even after all these years. I thought this was cool...kinda like the city is on fire.
Once I adjusted the settings I took these. The Strip is the concentrated line of lights through the center of the shot. And this one...the tallest building is the Stratosphere Hotel/Casino. We didn't go there, as we didn't actually go any further down that way than the Venetian.
We checked in and made our way down the long hallway. Each day, as my feet hurt more and more (we'll get to that tragic story later), the room seemed farther away! I took a picture of our room number because I liked the little bamboo frame, but when I was on my own on Monday, I couldn't remember my room number!! I did remember without looking at the picture, but what a handy thing to have!!

And the views from the room...
The front part of the building, looking from the back part of the building, which is where our room was.
No view of the strip like I was hoping, but we could catch a glimpse of the garden, where the flamingos were. Those weird circle things are the ceilings of one of the restaurants...I think the buffet area, actually. The green 'bands' of the 'hats' are glass. We didn't go to even ONE buffet. We wanted to experience the chic, young Vegas with our dining. The buffet lines were always really long, too. The line for the Paris Thanksgiving buffet was a THREE HOUR WAIT!!

So, that's the start of the trip. I'm not gonna bore anyone with a ridiculously long post. I'm too antsy to type it, so I can expect you to want to read it all at once, either!!
Until later, then...

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