Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new heels

I went shopping today for some last minute trip things. My #1 concern was making my lucite heels more safe. I had done some research on replacing vintage heel 'taps' but didn't like any of the can't jam a post up a clear heel...that's just silly! But I read somewhere about cork being, today I found little adhesive cork circles.
I cut them to fit the heels and try them out...PERFECTION!

I have been 'super cleaning' my house in preparation for our housesitter. Actually, he's a friend of ours who, when he's home for the holidays, would have to stay at his parents house...with his sister's family there as well. We don't like to send our little Moxie away when we're gone, so this way everyone wins...Rob gets a place to stay, Moxie gets to stay home for the week we're gone! Yes, I work at a place where Moxie and Hanzo could stay while we're gone...but I would only do that as a last's like sending you kid to jail while you're away!! Not that the animals get treated badly, but it's so sad that they are just left alone all night...with no one to snuggle with!!


  1. what a great way to reheel vintage shoes! you must be getting excited - your trip is so close!