Saturday, November 6, 2010

My, how the days get away from us

I remember when I used to blog almost every day. Now, I have to go back to see what my last post was about!! (and this time it wasn't pretty...complaining! yuck!)

Anyway, my long tiresome 15 day stretch of work came to an end at noon on Thursday. And then I had Friday to run errands and do chores and get my hair cut. It was a good day, though.
Wednesday was the longest of all the days, but that didn't make it the worst. Even though I had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to get to work, I was heading out to a dear friend's birthday party for the rest of the day, so there was an element of fun. I surprised her with my new clarinet, though I told her i didn't have it when she asked. I wanted it to be a surprise later, when my sister brought out her flute, and my friend's husband sat at the piano and we played 'Happy Birthday' for her. It was a terrible rendition, but it was fun anyway!
She is a vintage '50's gal and so we tend to were our most '50's inspired outfits when we get together. I was excited to wear my new shoes (again), and my new sweater.

Next to me is my baby sister, my friend (our aunt), and the middle sister of us three girls. The sister on the end (in the yellow hat) baked the cake from scratch. I had to leave before the cake was was after 8 p.m. and I was SOOO tired and and had to get up the next morning for work again. It was banana (I don't dig bananas), but I was going to try it anyway...but i didn't...

We played cards and music, made pizzas and drank beers. It was fun.

Then Friday afternoon, I got my hair cut. At one point my hairdresser said, 'I'm gonna rinse you out again, because of all this hair.' I said, 'are you scolding me for waiting so long to get my hair cut?!' she laughed and said, 'yes'. (joking of course)
It's VERY short, and as usual (as I expected) I am waiting for it to grow out a bit to get to that super cute stage...right about the time we go on our trip!
What's funny, is she gave me this tub of hair paste/putty. She said, 'you can both use it'...since Hubby and I get the same hair cut! :) I almost never use product, but he goes through it like no body's business!

And, yes, I'm packed and ready to leave...


  1. Cute hair, cute skirt, cute shoes!! Glad you got a break - I was worried! I know all about the hair thing - mine is good about 2 1/2 weeks after the cut.

  2. Yea!!! I'm glad you arranged the surprise medley; it was a lot of fun. *^_^* And, as usual, your hair is loverly!