Thursday, February 14, 2013

That's That.

The past few...months, I guess...I've been toying with the idea of finally changing my etsy shop name.  My original name was based on my first shop idea: correspondence.  I made handmade paper and greeting cards.  That evolved as I played around with other uses of paper, and my card designs, to include some screen printed bags and journals.
I've finally found my real passion, quilling and jewelry making (paper jewelry, that is).
So, to reflect my evolution and change, My Dearest has officially become 'Plain Fancy Paper'.

The shop has been edited.  My facebook fan page has been edited.  And, now this blog has been edited.

In the next few months I am hoping to get down to business beefing up my stock with a few favorite designs...both mine, and those most often favorited in my shop (if you'd like to help decide, feel free to stop by the shop and favorite the designs you like!)

One of my first cards for MyDearest...buried in snow, we are waiting for Spring!


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