Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A quick update

In case you are not following my facebook fan page, I did actually announce the winner of my giveaway last week.  It was 'Tiffany'.  A co-worker of mine.  Her name was chosen randomly via through
Thanks for everyone who participated, and commented on which items were your faves and/or what you'd like to see in my shop!

Since the giveaway and name change, I've seen quite a boost in etsy views and my facebook fan page has passed 50 'likes'!!  I'm super excited.  I even got a custom order from another co-worker!!

In other news, I'm getting anxious to start my auto repair class, Tuesday night.

Moxie had a double ear infection at her check up last week, so we're going back Monday for a re-check.  Not only that, but she also tested positive for lyme, so they are doing another test that we are waiting on results for.  Poor girl.

I still have a week+ to wait for my first roller derby meeting!  It's all I can think about lately, but that's probably mostly because I am in for a few hundred dollars to gear up...I want to be sure I make the right choices.  I have never researched equipment so much before!!

So, still lots of things waiting to get started...waiting and waiting.

and soon I'll be 39!

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