Monday, February 18, 2013

From 0-60 in just 2 days!

I just went from a girl who works til noon and then spends the rest of the day trying to keep busy, to a girl with so much going on, my head is spinning!
First, let's talk business...
(I've changed my name to Plain Fancy Paper, but this image doesn't reflect that for whatever reason)
My giveaway has just about a day left. ---> check out the box/widget to the right to see how you can enter to win a fun quilled paper necklace!  I'm trying to promote my etsy shop and my facebook fan page.  But, I'm also trying to get an idea of what calls out to people.  What designs are winners, which ones would you be draw to if you were out shopping at your locally owned/operated gifty shops?  
All this, of course, means I really need to get into the studio on a more regular basis!  I've been very bad about this over the winter.  It's just so much easier to snuggle up with the dog, than go down to my basement studio!

Second, I have my other project...

The Barracuda project.  The 1967 Plymouth my sister and I inherited from Dad almost a year ago, which we were going to restore and get back on the road.  Well, it has come down to me...mostly begging my brother to help me once Spring arrives.  But, staying true to myself, I have decided I really need to take matters into my own hands, and I've enrolled in a Basic Automotive Repair class at one of the Tech schools on Cape.  So, starting in a couple weeks I'll have class every Tuesday night for 8 weeks.  I am hoping it will help with the restore, but it can't hurt to have practical knowledge for every day life, too!

Third...well, third...
Roller Derby??
(source: google search:
Yep!  I haven't quite committed yet, since I don't really know what the time requirements will be.  I'm going to a meeting with about 20 girls to hash out details.  I've always wanted to try it!  It's a great excuse for me to focus on getting back into shape and committing to my workouts!  Plus, most of the girls are moms, so their time constraints are sure to be less flexible than mine, right?  The main issue for me is the money, of course...I'm looking at $300 just for start up gear!  But, again...first we meet...then I decide!  

It seems odd to anyone who is always on the go, but this girl can't remember the last time I had so much on my plate.  I'm sure it's because all of it costs money...but leaves no time for a second job!  This is when we realize our priorities, I guess.

So to all of you busy people, enjoy your week!  Maybe you get an extra day off for President's Day?  Maybe you are home with the kids for February Break?  Maybe, though I hope not, you are one of the unfortunates stuck at home with the flu!  But whatever your reason for being on line and checking in with my little sure to check out the giveaway!  Let me know what you think, good or bad, please!  And you could be the lucky winner of the groovy yellow flower necklace!

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