Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bermuda, in pictures

Upon arrival, at Cambridge Beach Resort & Spa, each guest gets a complimentary Rum Swizzle (or Fruit Punch).
Rum Swizzle, Official Tourist Drink of Bermuda
 We were taken to our room via golf cart.  Onto which we brought our drinks.  Of which I did not spill a drop!

The room was nice.  The view was better.  The bed was amazing!
I'm wishing for a fluffy new bed every morning now!
Our room.  "Lower Heron" 
 It seemed that most rooms had views of some sort.  We were upgraded to a water view when we checked in.  We were actually going to ask, and pay extra, but it was just given to us.  Probably easier to have everyone booked in the rooms closest to the Main House.  (of course I got zero pics of the main house!)
The most obstructed view of the water, from our room.  
Pictures from our trip to the Royal Naval Dockyard
View from the bus stop near the resort.  Around the corner, to the left, was the liquor store where we bought a giant bottle of wine to have in our room.  Magically, it lasted until the very last day!
If you can see the cluster of pink buildings across the water, that is the resort where we stayed.
Another view of the water, as we walked to the Dockyard.
Royal Naval Cemetery
Old Barracks at the Dockyard entrance.

Later, that same day (New Year's Eve)

We found a Koi Pond on the property.  Out where the resort's outdoor spa treatments take place (seasonally, of course).
My new year's eve dress.  I had a short sleeved jacket I wore over it.  I was wearing more clothes than any other girl that night!

 The next day, after our dip in the bay...
Looking over where we had lunch, at Shutters, the Resort's pool bar.  The sun was warm, so it was nice when you were out of the wind.
(When I get that video clip from Hubby, I'll post a little of the Warwick Gombey Dancers.)

Last full day in Bermuda...
A trip into town (sorry, I got zero pics at the Botanical Gardens!) and some views of Horseshoe Bay...
Some great big rocks.
Looking up through a great big rock formation.
More big rocks.  This is where we rolled up our pants (well, Jason was in shorts) and waded in the crystal clear water.
Me, standing at the top, after climbing through that tunnel.
That thin, slide sort of path in the middle is where we climbed another really great view.
And that was pretty much our trip to Bermuda.
Would I go again?  Possibly.  If not for the expense, definitely.

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