Monday, February 20, 2012

Is it March, yet?

I can honestly say that, for the whole month of February (so far), I have been oblivious to what day it is.  I get up knowing which job I have to go to, but beyond that my life has been a jumble of tasks I seem to be doing on auto-pilot. 
pay bills...make in food...clean
I feel like a robot!!
Last month I sketched out a necklace I thought would be pretty.  It came out great!  I made it a couple weeks ago and it has been sitting on my kitchen table waiting for the finishing touches. 
And now, having just uploaded this picture and looked at it again, I realize that I put the top bit (where the chain will go through to hang it) on wrong!  Luckily, since I just attached it this morning, the glue is not dried yet...I've fixed it.  I am really happy with this one, since it came out EXACTLY as I imagined and sketched it!  It's actually small enough that I may consider making it a pair of earrings and maybe make a slightly larger version for a necklace?  We'll see.  I have had zero time for any sort of crafting this month, and I don't see much in my future, sadly.

A lot of my time is being shifted to my health and well-being, though,so it's not all bad.  I've started working out again...for the most part.  I got on the treadmill for about 30 minutes a day, most days this week.  I've just finished my first week in my plan to be healthy again.  I am planning weekly menus, doing a 'healthy' shopping trip once a week (at the end of my Sunday shifts at Trader Joe's...what a convenience it is working at a grocery store!), and cooking almost every night (or eating leftovers).  This week I'm going to start strength training again.  While I love crafting and would LOVE to have enough time to focus on it more, I think I need to take care of myself first.  My 38th birthday is just about a month away, and until I'm happy with myself (health-wise), I'm afraid I won't be able to concentrate on anything else. 
The hardest part of life is definitely finding time for all the things you want to accomplish.  My poor clarinet and Hubby's guitar are doing a great job of collecting dust.  I don't have high hope for the vegetable garden this year.  But I feel like, if I can get back into shape and be healthy and energized, then the other things I want to accomplish can be added gradually into my life.  I can have it all...I can do it all.  I'm the only one holding myself back!


  1. I know just how you feel!! I've been trying to make it to my yoga and Pilates classes....and deal with everything else that LIFE presents...and still have time for ART! Balance is the answer....just wish it was easier to reach!!

  2.! why can't we just ignore the mundane chores and get on with the fun stuff!!? :)