Monday, February 6, 2012

a (gross) little helpful hint

I apologize in advance for this post.

For those of you with weak stomachs, maybe this isn't for you.  If you don't have kids, this isn't for you, either, really.  It's just something someone told me once, and I'm thinking about it now because of how my cold has advanced.  Yep, I'm about to talk about sicky stuff...
Now, I can't remember who told me this, but I'm sure it WASN'T a doctor.  I believe it was one of the many mothers I work with at one of my jobs.  I'm almost certain it was one of my mangers who recently had her second baby.  At any rate, I really don't know how the conversation got started; and, I am fairly certain I came in at just the right moment to get this invaluable information.
What is it, already??  Well, she said that kids who ate their boogers had better immune systems.  And, of course, that makes sense!!  It's like your very own homemade flu vaccine!!
Anyway, I'm at the coughing up nasties stage, and that made me think of that story.

And so, Good Morning, to you!!

On a less disgusting note, I've been pinning some stuff to my Pinterest boards.  Nothing substantial yet, since I've been working and sleeping and not much else trying to avoid the state I'm in now...which, in hindsight, was a waste. 
I'm still not sure of the PURPOSE of it all, but I'm trying.
I have a couple sketches for new pendants that I'm hoping to work on over this next week.  That will be fun.
My new schedule at T.J.'s has me starting work at 4 a.m. now (instead of 4:30) so I'm out before noon all this week, so that gives me plenty of time to play around in the studio!!

Here's one that I've finished.  I get so excited when I have an idea in my head and it works out.  I get even more excited when that idea DOESN'T work out, but instead, I make it better while working on it!

I got a matching blue leather cord for this one.  Can't wait to (try) to get some good pics and get it in the shop this week.

Did everyone stay up late for the Super Bowl last night?  Out here on the East Coast, it's another crazy year with the Giants and Patriots playing again.  I wanted to watch.  I skipped the party we were invited to so that I didn't get everyone sick, but I planned to watch alone (until Hubby came home at the half).  It started at 6-ish.  I watch an Absolutely Fabulous marathon until the start, basically.  I did get to see the end of the President talking with what's-his-face from the Today Show.  I missed the kickoff, but saw the Patriots safety replay.  I saw the Elton John Pepsi commercial and then I went to bed. 
I tivoed the whole thing to catch the commercials, highlights, and Madonna's halftime show.
I'm sure there are better Super Bowl Sunday stories out there!!

Happy Monday, to all...and to all, a ...better Tuesday??


  1. I call for New Health mandates requiring nose picking! And a catchy TV ad:
    "Pick it or Ticket"

  2. And a good morning (or now...a good afternoon) to you as well! I grew up with five younger brothers so such talk is NOTHING! (Of course my mom was always grossed out...) I do hope you feel better soon...but this does give you more time to Pinterest!!