Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the haps

I have been feeling so much more positive since my last post, where I revealed that I was going to attempt to be more positive.
I feel like I have more energy, now that I'm not wasting so much of it thinking about those little annoyances of life...you know, those ones that EVERY person has. 
Some time ago, I offered/suggested that I take 3 hour lunches at my vet job.  Between noon and 2, everyone is coming and going on lunch breaks, and from 2-3, there's not usually much happening.  To add to that, one of the doctors usually doesn't bother coming back after 12, b/c he's part time and hardly ever has clients booked later in the day.  But, I only did it the week I mentioned it, and then it's been too busy for me to do!  Yesterday, I found out the other kennel girl was taking 2 hour lunches, so I decided to day (where there is absolutely nothing for me to do) that I would take a long lunch.
So here I am...blogging away to kill some time. 
I am feeling good about my new plan to try to 'do everything'.  I just need to jump right in.  I mean, when I was working full time and going to school full time, I still kept the house clean, and did those necessary daily things.
Luckily, my little week long sleep-deprived tantrum about nothing getting done around the house prompted Hubby to take my car for it's yearly inspection for me.  Surprisingly, it passed...even the emissions test!  I guess whatever Midas did, worked.  I was just saying to a couple peeps at work, who both had headlights out last week, that I can't remember ever changing mine...in the 11 years I've had it!  Hubby thought I jinxed myself, but if they were dim, they were still bright enough.
This whole business with my car these past few months has me thinking about a new car.  Of course I can't afford one now, and I'd really rather not get into all the hassle until there are really no other options.  There's also the issue of the title...I have OWNED this car for 6 years...but I never got the title.  It is still filed away in Boston somewhere.  Being so emersed in this digital age, I am HOPING it is still on file and available.  I was so embarassed to have never called for them to send it, that I even tried paying for a replacement, saying I'd lost it.  But they know!  'That is still at the Boston RMV.  You'll have to call and get it from them.'  Which I never did.  Again...procrastination is my biggest fault (in my opinion).
But I'm thinking maybe another year with this Cavalier...we're just coming up on 124,000 miles on this 12 year old beauty.  I was hoping I could get at least 200K, and maybe I can, but in the event that I do need to get a new car, my sights are actually set on Chevy's new Sonic hatchback!
(source: Chevy website)
It's nothing fancy.  And that's what I love.  And hopefully, by the time I'm in need of a new ride, I'll be able to find a used one.  The new ones start at around $14,000...which is actually quite cheap, I think?  I'm still rooting for my 'Green Monster' a.k.a. 'The Stagecoach'(b/c of how it creaks like an old buckboard) to hold out for a few more years, though. 
Tomorrow is day 13 of my work week!  I work until 11 a.m. and then take my poor little Moxie to the vet for her annual exam and to see what the nasty little bump on her eye is all about.  And then...a day off.  To hopefully make some jewelry (I have a belated birthday/engagement party on Saturday and thought I might make myself a new necklace to wear), maybe break out the clarinet and/or guitar to start practicing again, clean the house, workout, and spend a little time with the guy I live with.
I hope everyone is having as positive a week as I finally am!!

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  1. My vote is to stick with the old car and keep loving it. To me $14000 is not cheap. Think how many hours you WOULDN'T have to work if u had that $14000 go to your craft/arting lifestyle. Just another way to look at it.
    I am so happy that you are so happy and positive. We like to see our Jeni with a smile!