Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh my, what is going on?

This has been kind of a strange week for me. It was a week ago tomorrow that I informed my full-time boss that I would have to cut back to just 3 days a week. I was anticipating being very tired this Tuesday and Thursday after working my first job from 5:30am to 1pm and then starting my training at my new job from 2pm to about 6pm. Long day, for sure.
In the meantime, all of my friends keep inquiring 'how is your new job?' I just keep saying, 'I haven't started yet.' And all that was going to change after today.
BUT... there was a mix-up with the scheduling and the person who hired me and told me to come in this week is on vacation. After speaking with a couple of the girls there, I decided to just wait another week and just start all-out, 'guns-a-blazing' next Tuesday. Still excited, but 'starting my new job' is becoming a joke among my friends. lol.

So to keep myself busy, I have been doing a little crafting here and there. I want to make some paper bowls and have started experimenting with glazes. Here is a larger bowl I made out of my latest batch of pulp...kind of a light green, really pretty. I glazed the inside only and am still on the fence about glazing the outside. I just used a ModPodge Hard glaze for paper and it really stiffened it up. I like the rough feel of the paper without the glaze though.
I also used some scraps of the same paper to make some cute new Christmas tags.
(Sorry, I forgot to Photoshop before posting...oops!)
For fun, I made a few Halloween cards, too. Hubby, who worked for a bit at a greeting card company, informed me that Halloween is the second biggest holiday for cards. He could be pulling my leg, as he often does just to see how much he can trick me :) but I decided to have a little fun anyway. I had these bright orange blank cards laying around so I thought they'd be perfect. Here's what I came up with:
I thought the bride of Frankenstein turned out super cute!
So that's what I've been up to. Now back to watching Hell's Kitchen. Man, those people take a lot of punishment!


  1. Those are adorable!!! You should send a message on to one of my subscriptions/followers about your Halloween cards...if you feel like doing a Halloween giveaway.

  2. Wow, that is kinda sad to laid back to 3 days a week. I do hope you love your new job. And the Frankenstein bride looks uber cute!