Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy thoughts

When Hanzo needs something in the morning, he will not let me sleep. I try hard to make sure he has a full bowl of water and food and a fresh litter box every night; but, last night was Hubby's birthday dinner, so Hanzo was angry with me this morning. Not being able to get back to sleep, my head was swimming with thoughts. Happy's a list of some little things making me happy today:
1. It's September...and it's chilly but not a cloud in the sky
2. Moxie went the longest she has without needing a pill...Tuesday through half the day Friday!
3. We had a lovely dinner with Hubby's parents last night. Lots of laughing and delicious cocktails and food.
4. Once again, I realized I had more coffee beans than I thought...just enough for one more pot.
5. No plans for the day, just hanging out with the fam again.
6. New job is making me happier already.
7. September also means the beginning of a new season of all our fav. shows...I can't help it, I like TV!!
8. I'm having fun thinking of new ways to use my if I could just make more time for the studio to actually put some plans into action!
9. I'm officially down to the lowest weight that I can remember being...I actually weighed more in 6th grade than I do right now! (But that's another story for a different blog!)
10. The house is quiet, the wind is blowing, and I am looking forward to our morning walk!

I hope everyone else is having as lovely a day as I am!


  1. All magnificent things to make one gleeful! Glad to hear of your happiness. *^_^*

  2. Wow, the thinnest yet! I am jealous. Is it all from your mail order food? Lucky. I need to shed some pounds as well, but I did start biking yesterday, so that's a start.

  3. i am so happy for you after reading these little thoughts. especially happy for number 9. you go girlfriend! wheres your other blog? is it open or private? id love to read it...

  4. Heads Up!
    I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. *^_^*

  5. monarch: it is semi-private (my other blog) but only in that it is on a weight-loss site.
    renee: thanks for the award...i'll get to the rules and another blog asap (blogging was hard with the in-laws in town!)

  6. jen you've been a constant follower of my blog since the very beginning. i'd love to interview you and your lovely pug!