Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the verdict is...

...'the cake was great'. And there were comments around the table to the effect of 'how did you not notice that cake in the fridge??' Hubby's reply being 'she could've put it on top of my head and I would not have noticed.' I believe he may have been pulling my leg to make me feel like I pulled off the surprise, but that's okay.
The turnout for poker tonight was small (yeah!), but I still decided not to play. I worked all day, came home, showered, and people started to show up. So I decided to just relax, have a whiskey, and blog a little.
A very little, since I really don't have much to report. I am thinking of uploading my pics of my new bowl and Halloween cards and listing them on etsy tomorrow. I have been contacted by an old friend from back home, via Facebook, and am very excited. There are few people I care to keep in touch with, but this guy is one of those genuine people you hate to lose touch with.
My first day of work at the animal hospital was fine. Not much to it, really, and I think it'll be a fine 2 day a week job. Maybe in the future I can advance, get some teching in and go from there.
Tomorrow I have off, then back to the bagel shop until Saturday, at which point, the in-laws will arrive for their annual 2 week stay.
For now, I think I'll try a piece of my cake!!

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  1. So is it jason or john blackstock-Oooh La YEAH!