Thursday, April 25, 2013

I play roller derby...

This is a post from my roller derby blog...maybe you'd be interested in that one, too?

"I'm trying to get into derby.  In actual fact, I am totally into derby!
I'm just not IN derby, in the official sense.

As luck would have it, one day, while lurking around Facebook, I noticed some odd posts between a couple girl friends of mine.  Posts I had somehow missed (so much goes on while I'm at work, between 3 a.m. and noon:30)!  I butted in, and got myself invited into their group of aspiring 'Salty Dolls'...the first team of the up-coming Cape Cod Roller Derby League!

Cape Cod is a great place to live...beaches, mostly quiet fall, winter, and spring, bike trails, nice restaurants, and people who love their communities.  We have little to DO around here, though.  I think there are some senior leagues for baseball and basketball, some soccer leagues, and a bunch of parks with tennis courts.  There are bars to meet up with people and the usual small-town-life stuff.

But, we girls want more!
We want a sport all our own...we want to show the world (well, our little world of Cape Cod, at the very least) that we are strong women.  Sure, some of us have kids...babies, even!  Some of us work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.  Some of us have never played organized sports and just want to see what it's like.  And, some of us (most of us...actually, probably ALL of us!) have just been so wrapped up in our lives that we have forgotten that it is important, even especially as adults, to get out and play.

When two of my friends founded this idea and started recruiting people...well, I just couldn't believe it.  By the time I saw what was going on, they already had 18 girls who were interested.  I think I was 19, girl #20 was added quickly after that, and then they capped it off.  So much interest!!  Since that day, most of my thoughts have floated towards roller derby!

Sure, I have other stuff going on in my life.  Of course I have other interests.  And, quite frankly, thinking of the day we are actually out there playing scares the crap out of me!  But none of that matters!

What does matter is that this is going to be huge.  Cape Cod is known for many things, but soon it's going to add 'home of the Cape Cod Roller Derby League' to that list.

The problem?
We don't really have anywhere to skate, for the most part.  Since our first meeting, and the girls have gathered up their gear and gotten into their skates, we've all been fighting for time on the basketball or tennis courts at local parks or schools.  We've been doing what drills we can in the nooks and crannies of our basements and kitchens.
'Our' rink is opening up for us in just a few days.  The Hyannis Youth and Community Center (which has two NHL sized ice hockey rinks) will be melting one of their rinks for roller skating...for us to practice and play roller derby.  For a few months during the summer.
What happens after that?  
Well, we'll need to find another space we can rent.
Roller derby is paid for by the players.  Game officials are volunteers.  Sponsors are a huge asset to this sport...with out them and the generosity of the community, this sport could not thrive the way it does all over the world.

A solution?
The league has a page set up to try to raise some start-up funds.  We are all paying our dues to keep the rink for the summer, but we'll need help beyond that time.
So, if anyone is reading this...we'd be super grateful if you could spare even a couple dollars! ($50 gets you a 'free' t-shirt!)
So...if you want to be a part of Cape Cod history, please follow this link and help some Salty Dolls get their feet wet and their wheels rolling!"

If you want to follow that blog...go HERE.

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