Tuesday, June 4, 2013

oh, my life

I'm busy.
There's really no other way to put it.
I am trying to organize my life a little better so that eventually I can 'do it all', but right now, I'm having to make time for things and then, as things run more smoothly, I can slowly add in the next thing I 'can't live without'.  (yes, that was a very long sentence, with terrible punctuation and grammer, but I've already written one blog post this morning, and I'm just doing this one 'free-style'!)

Let's see...
I've had my etsy shop 'on vacation' for quite some time.  Once I was in the midst of auto repair class ending, roller derby starting, my brother spending more time with me fixing the Barracuda, and still working, I was working out less, cleaning the house less, and i certainly didn't have time to produce any jewelry.

But now that roller derby is such a large part of my life, I am finding that I must find time to workout again.  Car class is over, and with summer upon us, my brother is finding it harder to come over (because the tourists clog up the roads and make it impossible for us locals to get on with our normal lives during the summer. yes, i did just complain about the tourists...there are just way too many of them on this tiny little island, we need some population control!)

Our roller derby league is hosting its first fundraiser, and I am taking my stock to try to sell at the craft fair there.  I think i am at that point where i can set aside some time for creative juices to flow, now that i am about to feel trapped in my own home for a few months, not wanting to deal with the constant stream of brake lights out on the road (yep, just did it again...).

So that's where I am ...a little confused, a lot excited, and the normal level of annoyed.

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