Wednesday, March 14, 2012

what a yummy day!

The only crappy (pardon the pun) part of today is that I am sitting here waiting for the septic to be pumped! Eww...I know, but that is my life.  Hubby made the appointment and then said, 'oh, I have to be in Boston that day!  I can change it if you like.'  No...what's the point. I just hate having people over to 'do work' at the house.  Do I sit outside and chat?  Do I offer them beverages?  Do I watch through the window to make sure I'm ready with the check when they come in??  Of course, in this day and age, I could've probably given my credit card number and not even had to have been here! Doh!  Oh, well.

Today really has been 'yummy', though.  I got to work this morning (at my Trader Joe's job) to find out that I had a half hour at the end of my shift for a 'tasting'!!  We have a new flyer coming out next week and so this week, the crew gets to taste a sampling of what's featured.  I got to try the Sesame Almonds AND the sesame cashews, because they were opened by mistake.  Both very good.  We have Chili and Lime cashews that are FABULOUS, too.
There have been a lot of new products coming out, too.  Kimchi and Kimchi Fried Rice, for instance.  The straight Kimchi I have not tried, but the fried rice is very I think we can assume the same is true for the other. 
Do you like warm chocolate chip cookies?  Do you like them 'deep dish style' with a gooey chocolate center?  Well, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the Journey to the Center of the cookie is for you!

Let's see...what else did I have for 'lunch'?  A small taste of butter lettuce with Pear Champagne Vinaigrette; a taste of the (fairly new) Harvest chicken salad

 oh, dark chocolate covered almonds with sea salt!

 pasta with canned artichoke hearts & Italian Gorgonzola; the crispy rice cereal is also in the up-coming flyer, so the demo girl made rice crispy treats with peanut butter and melted chocolate.
So, even though I have to get up at 3a.m., sometimes my shift ends better than others!  I love that they let us try all the food there!  Sometimes, I feel like a commercial or like I am writing my own flyer notes, but I like to share what I learn.
As a side note:  if you, like me, are not that into blue/Gorgonzola cheeses, but are curious or like it a little milder, try the Italian version.  It is much milder, not so tangy, and very creamy. 

We also have a Blue cheese featured this month that I have not is very smooshy...I don't think I'll like it, so I'm putting off tasting it.

oh, I almost forgot what won my award (in my mind...not an actual award) for biggest surprise: the NEW crispy chickenLESS nuggets!  Texture and taste are spot-on or near spot-on, and they are actually crispy!  It's not the product in the's a new a little bag/pouch.
Having just found it sort of difficult to find pictures of the newer products we have, I was thinking maybe I should get back to a food post.  Like I did when I would have cheese tastings for lunch on Sundays.  I'll have to give it some serious thought...I do love eating!!

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