Monday, March 19, 2012

Custom order and an oatmeal review

I finished my custom necklace a whole week ahead of schedule!  As I was making it using a free minute here and a free minute there, it seemed like it was taking longer than anticipated.  But I guess that is the nature of a project that has 'drying time' to account for.  I think it came out great.  Very close to the original sketch.  The shape is not as severe as it is in the sketch, but working with paper has its limits.
My birthday is around the corner but I got a gift this week.  I don't get to the bakery much these days since I'm not around when Hubby walks, and he's been very busy lately so he doesn't get his afternoon walks in as much.  But this past week, we headed out for a walk (my day off, so we went before he was off to work) in the morning. 'Happy Birthday!' Ian exclaimed.  To which Hubby replied, 'it's next week'.  Then Laurie came out, 'did you give her her gift?'  The next thing I know, I'm holding a box with the word 'SAMPLE' stamped on it.  It made noise like little beads in a cup...kind of like a rattle.  I opened it to find 6 instant oatmeal cups!  'I love oatmeal!' 

I later found out that when it arrived they asked Hubby if he like oatmeal, and he said no but that I loved it.  So they said to give it to me as a birthday gift.
Well, I tried out a cup this morning.

 'R.U.NUTZ?'  It has walnuts, almonds, flax &sunflower seeds.  It also claims to have a 'dash' of brown sugar.  Now, I don't use sweeteners in my oatmeal, so to me...all I could taste was the brown sugar. 

Don't get me wrong, it was tasty.  Sometimes sweet is nice.  I would totally eat it again, if offered.  But, I went to their website, because I was curious as to what the price was.  Granted, if the bakery decided to get this for their shop, they would be getting wholesale prices.  But, to buy it at their online retail shop, Umpqua Oats sells cases of 12 for $42!!  That's $3.50 per cup!!  For $2.29 I can buy a months supply of steel cut oats at work.  Throw in some nuts and seeds and it's the same thing...convenience is so overpriced!  I mean sure, it's all natural and wholesome and full of fiber and protein, but you really can get the same for less with just a tiny bit of leg work, you know?
So bottom line: very yummy...a bit pricey.
And for the record, I still have 5 more flavors to try!

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